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I’m all about the post-coital cuddle, but generally, when it’s time for sleep, I’m your average roll-over-and-fall-into-a-deep-sleep kinda guy. While Isabella is going through this rough patch, though, I’m going to make every effort to make sure she knows I’m hers no matter what, which explains why I’m practically suffocating her when the alarm goes off. I give her a tight squeeze and drop a few kisses along her shoulder before unwinding my limbs from her body.

I can’t putz around this morning, and I can’t tell her why. Fortunately, she’s got a jam-packed day today before our trip, so she’s eager to get into work and get going. We both slide out of bed and head for our separate showers. I take a few extra minutes with the razor and even pluck a nose hair before turning away from the mirror. I don’t want to give the man a reason to doubt.

I’m pawing through my ties wishing I’d made this decision last night when Isabella pops her head in my doorway. “Whatcha doin’? I thought you were in the IT cave today.”

“Yeah…I am, uh…which color did you say was non-threatening again?”

“I’d go with blue. Who are you trying not to threaten?”

“Oh, Rose has a potential new hire coming in today, wants Emmett and me to test drive him.” I slide the dark blue tie with the little circle things off the rack and pull it around my collar.

“In a non-threatening way?”

“Exactly. Okay…what do you think?”

She grins and hands me her shoe bag. “I do not feel threatened in the least.”

One Swan down, one to go.

When we get to the lobby, I kiss her goodbye and wait till the elevator doors close her in before running down the stairs. I give Emmett a gruff hello, get rid of my coat, and head into the bathroom to practice my speech one last time in the mirror. I think I have never been so nervous in my whole life.

This is just the father. Wait till you have to actually ask the girl.

“Fuck you,” I tell my reflection. I straighten my tie one last time and head for the elevator.

It takes a while for one of the cars to reach the subfloor level, but the nice thing is, it’s empty when it does. The speech goes round and round in my head as the doors open at the lobby, and everyone packs in with all their winter shit. Just before the doors close, Alice and Jasper enter, hand-in-hand.

“Morning, Edward,” Alice says brightly, causing Jasper’s head to jerk my direction.

I return the greeting and Jasper gives me a friendly enough chin nod and a mumbled “Morning” as well before reaching to push their floor. Not thinking much of the fact that the thirty-seventh floor is already lit, they settle into elevator mode. Because I’m a nosy fucker and an “observer of people,” I crane my neck until I find their joined hands, not an easy feat from the back of a packed rush-hour elevator. Jasper’s thumb is moving over Alice’s hand with unambiguous intimacy. I consider asking how the Super Bowl party at Garrett’s was, except a) I have more important things on my mind today, and b) I don’t actually give a fuck.

The crowd thins out as we rise higher and higher, and when the doors close on thirty-six, Jasper is visibly surprised to see me still here. I’m certainly not volunteering anything, so we ride up that last floor amid an awkward buzz of unasked questions. It gets even worse when I follow them out of the elevator to Alice’s work station, where of course, Jasper has to take her coat and fuss all over her while I stand there like the third wheel on their date.

Thank God, Charlie comes out and says good morning to all of us then pulls me right inside his office and shuts the door behind us. He offers me a seat on his couch and sits down next to me, an equalizing gesture that I very much appreciate. He’s already been here a while from the looks of things. His jacket is hung up and his sleeves are rolled to his elbows. I can’t help but notice his tie is blue as well, and I wonder if he asked his wife to help him pick something non-threatening for the occasion as well.

“What’s on your mind today, Edward?”

My hands are folded between my knees and I consider dropping my nose there, too, before I pass out.

“Thank you for seeing me, sir.”

“Oh hell, are we back to that?”

“Charlie, Charlie, sorry.” Jesus, calm the fuck down.

“So…St. Lucia? That’s a beautiful spot.” Charlie’s talking me down from the ledge. Thank you.

“Yes, I found the place online, but I did a ton of research, so I know it’s gonna be really nice.”

“Well, good. You two have been working awfully hard lately. I think a vacation is just what you both need.”

“Thank you, s—Charlie.” If the wall were closer, I’d bang my head against it.

“Have any special plans while you’re there?” He’s barely containing his smile, handing me the thing on a silver platter.

“Actually, I do.” I clear my throat and swallow  thickly. “Charlie,” I make sure to look him straight in the eye, “I’m in love with your daughter.”

He bursts out laughing. “No shit?”

I feel like I might actually be sick, but I plow on with my script. “I realize it may seem like we’ve only known each other briefly if you measure time in the typical way—”

“You mean like seconds and minutes and …six weeks?”

Fuck, he’s done the math.

My eyes drop to the floor. “Yes, six weeks by the calendar, but…” My mouth is open but the words no longer feel right. I look up at Isabella’s father. “Charlie…”

His eyebrows rise and he waits.

“Charlie, look. Six weeks…it’s crazy, right? But isn’t that what love is?” Suddenly, I’m up on my feet, pacing and scrambling to make my argument. “I’ve been pretty much out of my mind since the moment I first met Isabella, and to be honest, it’s getting worse! I mean, thank God I don’t have to operate heavy machinery.”

Charlie laughs and relaxes back into the couch, folding his arms behind his head and watching The Crazy Edward Show.

“I’m here because I respect you, sir—and not because you could have me fired with a twirl of your moustache, but because you’re a sensible guy and  I know you’re a great father, and Isabella holds you in the highest regard. I know it’s old-fashioned of me to come in here and ask you for your permission, but frankly, it would mean a lot to me to know that I have your support before I go out on that limb.”

I finally stop pacing and turn to look into his eyes. I resist the urge to drop to one knee. “Charlie, I’ve come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

Charlie stands up, his toes are lined up with mine and almost touching them; we’re that close. He reaches over and clasps my shoulder. “You not only have my permission, son, you have my blessing.”

The adrenaline releases into my system, leaving me giddy and suddenly exhausted. I find the strength to thank him, and he pulls me into a warm hug. As he slaps me twice in the middle of my back, he says, “I sure hope you don’t have a stroke while you’re asking her.”

I finally relax enough to laugh with him, and I pull away feeling a whole lot better than when I arrived. “Thanks. That makes two of us.”

Charlie points his finger at me and says, “And don’t worry, Edward. Your secret is safe with me. Just don’t make me keep it too long, okay?”

“Hopefully not.”

“And after she says yes, you tell her that we had this chat. I don’t want to have to pretend when she calls us with the great news, but I won’t ruin it for Renee.”

“You got it.”

I’m pretty sure I’d agree to anything right now. That’s when he pulls out the zinger.

“So, Edward, I’ve been meaning to ask…how would you like to go fly fishing with me sometime?”

It’s not till much later in the day I revisit this talk and realize maybe I should’ve hedged my answer. But right now, in the moment, I’m so fucking grateful this is over with, I smile and say, “Sure!”

He nods and opens his door for me, and I already have my tie loosened by the time I pass Alice’s desk.

“Have a great day,” she calls out cheerfully, and I wave backward without turning around and revealing my face-cracking smile.

An exuberant Edward pushes through the stairwell door, pulls me into his arms, and lifts me off the floor right in the middle of the lobby.

“Boy, someone’s in a good mood!” It’s one of those moments I catch his little-boy-amazed-with-the-world expression, and it warms my heart.

“Of course I’m in a good mood. We’re on vacation. Doesn’t it feel exhilarating?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as I finish packing.”

He rolls his eyes and kisses me. “We’re going to a tropical island for three days. You need a bikini and a smile... and the bikini is optional!”

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Hell yeah, baby.” He lets me slide down his body, always a pleasure, even with more layers between us than I’d like. “Wanna grab a quick bite before we head home and pack?”

“Sure. What are you in the mood for?”

“You, but I’ll settle for a burger.”

“Do you even like burgers, or are they just an excuse to eat sweet potato fries?”

He leans over and kisses me again, takes my hand, and pulls me outside. He seems like he’s gliding on air the whole way to the restaurant, his mood positively buoyant. Once we’ve gotten served, I ease into a question I’ve been needing to ask.

“So, I have a question for my Master.”

Edward’s eyes flash. “In da house.”

“Oh my god, you are beyond corny tonight. Okay, I would like to have a small space somewhere—maybe one drawer—that is just for me. A place I know that Master’s prying eyes will not invade.”

Edward chomps thoughtfully on a sweet potato fry, then leans in and asks, “You’re not dealing drugs or anything, are you?”

I whack him in the arm and he grins.

“So, what is it? Love letters from old boyfriends? Diary? Justin Bieber albums?”

“Sorry to disappoint, but no… just some really raunchy lingerie I’d like to be able to pull out once in a while to surprise my boyfriend.”

“Oh. Wow, internal conflict happening here. On the one hand, Master doesn’t like you keeping any secrets. On the other hand, raunch is raunch. On the third hand, okay, yep, we’re good with that.”

He unhinges his jaw and takes a huge bite of his burger.

“You haven’t been sniffing something funny down there in the basement, have you?”

Mouth half-full of meat and bread and whatever else he ordered on it, Edward says, “This is what’s called a ‘natural high,' baby.”

He basically still has that same grin on his face when we get back home. We hang up our coats and head for our separate rooms. As I slip into the guest room, Edward says, “Actually, I’m going to need a little privacy to pack as well.”

Of course he does. Master will be choosing his toys for the trip.

“Okay, just open your door when you’re ready for me,” I tell him.

“Oh, baby, I’m ready for you now, but that’ll have to wait.”

I set my hand flat over his full belly and give him a gentle nudge across the hall. “Don’t take too long now,” he says.

I pull the door shut and get to work. Two nights, three days. Tomorrow  I’m in charge, Saturday night is Master’s. I either need no panties at all or a new pair for every hour we’re together. As much as I’m looking forward to setting my white ass down on a beach and taking in some sun, I know that this weekend is going to be one long, non-stop kinkfest. I empty the contents of my bag from Exquisite Things right into my suitcase, set in the bathing suits and shorts I bought last week with Edward, roll up a couple of my slinky maxi dresses, a few carefully selected pairs of sexy heels, flip flops, and a pair of sneakers, just in case we decide on a hike or bike ride.

Edward makes a point of letting me know his door is open, but I try not to think about whatever he’s packed or however “happy” he is right this moment . If I’m not focused, I’ll arrive on the island without something crucial.

I toss some airline-approved bottles into a Ziploc so my hair won’t be a giant tangle of frizz, add the basics—lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, moisturizer—and make sure my electronics are all properly plugged in and charging. If we come up for air at some point, maybe I can get in some writing, see what kind of shenanigans my Dark Prince can get up to on a hot tropical island.

Proud of myself for finishing by 9:30, I zip my suitcase and roll it past where Edward’s watching TV and stand it up by the front door.

“Carrying on?” he asks, incredulous and obviously impressed.


“You are my kinda girl.” He reaches out his hand and I happily grab hold. With one sharp yank, he pulls me onto his lap.

“Wow, is this the same one as before, or have you gone and gotten yourself excited all over again in there?” I lean over and kiss him before he has a chance to answer.

His hand closes around my head while the other creeps up my thigh. “Let’s just say it never really went away.”

“Poor baby.” More kissing. “That sounds painful.” I open his pants, and he groans when I put my hand around him.

“It’s starting to feel better now.” Playful grin—the kind of grin that makes girls take off their pants.

“You have been so brave.”

“Ah, fuuuck!” He hisses and throws his head back against the couch as I sink down and take him inside me.

“Exactly what I had in mind.”

His hands slide to my hips and he plunges me up and down along his thick shaft. And while I’m bouncing away on top of my sexy boyfriend, I fantasize about everything I’ll be able to do to him when he’s mine tomorrow night. Reality feeds the fantasy, and the visuals make me that much hornier. How freaking lucky am I to fantasize about the actual man whose cock I am riding? My inner dialogue gets filthier as he cranks up the volume, grunting and thrusting beneath me and pulling my tongue deep into his mouth.

He lowers his hands to my ass as he slams into me—deeper and faster and harder. His lips disconnect and before I have time to register the loss, he growls out, “Look at me, Isabella!”

Trained to obey his voice, my eyes immediately click into his.

“You see me, baby?”

His fierce, dark green eyes soften slightly when I nod, but it’s clear he’s near the end of his tether.

“I’m coming,” he thrusts and groans, “and I’m right…fucking, ahhh…here…with you!” He doesn’t look away except for a brief lapse when his eyes roll back in his head, but he’s back with the next breath he takes. His concern for my needs brings the sting of tears to my eyes, and as he bounces me on the aftershocks of his release, he kisses the wet trickles from my cheeks.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“Pleasure was mine.” Sweet grin.

“I don’t know how you do that sometimes.”

He cocks his head. “What?”

“You go from light and playful to intense and…unfity in the blink of an eye.”

He chuckles. “Unfity?”

“Yeah, beyond the normal boundaries of sexy-as-fuck.”

“I’ll have to add that one to my dictionary.”

I bend over and kiss him some more. “You do that. And put your picture beside it, while you’re at it.”

“You ready for bed? We have an early wake-up call tomorrow.”

“Yes. You wore me out.”

“Mmm, sounds like you need a vacation.”


It’s not even my bag, and I’m shitting bricks. “You’re really just gonna put that thing through the X-ray machine and walk on through?”

“Sure. It’s not like anything is illegal. They’re just toys.”

“You’re not the least bit embarrassed?”

“Embarrassed? I’m taking the most beautiful girl here to—”

“St. Lucia, I saw the gate.”

“Fine,” he grumbles, “to St. Lucia, with a bagful of sex toys—some of which are yours, by the way....”


He shrugs. “Just sayin’. Every person here is insanely jealous of me. Why on earth would I be embarrassed?”

“Because they’re super-kinky bondage toys?”

“So?” he grins.

I look past the guy checking passports. “So which of those guys do you want to do your strip search?”

Edward laughs out loud. “None of them, thank you very much. Now, if they want to strip search you and let me watch…”

“Hmm,” I play along, “that one on the end isn’t bad. Let’s go in his line. Just in case.”

Edward gets our passports and boarding passes ready to hand the agent. “You better behave yourself, young lady.”

“Pfft, look who’s talking.”

“Morning, folks. Gonna soak up some sun, eh?”

“Yes, sir,” Edward answers, “my girl needs a tan.” Mr. Model Citizen.

The agent holds the picture up and looks at my face and hands the passport back to Edward. “She looks all right to me, buddy.” The guy gives me a little wink.

Edward waits quietly while the guy checks out his picture and cross-checks all the information on his boarding pass. “Now you, on the other hand, you could use a little sun.”

I’m pretty sure Edward is biting his cheek to keep from responding, and I decide to reward him later for his restraint.

Restraint. Mmmm, yes.

We push ahead toward the conveyor belts, and Edward leans his face over my shoulder and whispers, “If that guy wasn’t wearing a uniform…”

I giggle and remind him he has bigger things to worry about than a flirty old security agent—such as the implements of torture in his bag. We take our place in line and start doing the airport striptease—shoes, belts, watches, empty your pockets, bring out your liquids, show us your laptops. Step into the machine and put your hands on your head and wait to be cleared.

“Thank you, miss, you can go.”

I chase my little grey bin down the belt, gathering up my belongings and pulling myself back together when I hear, “Sir, is this your bag?”


I glance back at Edward. He seems unruffled. 

“Wanna step over to the side here so I can go through your bag?”


The cute officer I picked out for us unzips Master’s duffel bag and tries to remain impassive and professional as he feels around in the bag, finding I don’t even know what. Remembering that I’m really not supposed to know what’s in there, I look away—just in case—not that the guy is flaunting anything out in the open.

Before I’ve got my boots zipped, Edward’s next to me on the bench, his bag slung casually over his shoulder.


“You seem disappointed. Were you hoping I’d get arrested?”



“Hey, I can’t help it. I have a really kinky airport interrogation scene stuck in my head.”

He shakes his head and laughs and mumbles something like, “Luckiest fucker on the planet,” under his breath.

“Welcome to St. Lucia, in the beautiful West Indies. Local time is 2:50 p.m.”

“It was so worth getting up early to catch this flight,” Isabella mumbles and yawns.

“Yeah, the other flights were ridiculous—three stops, fourteen hours. Not exactly my idea of a relaxing weekend.”

“I can’t wait to see the place you picked out for us.”

“I tell ya,  it wasn’t easy finding a Red Roof Inn all the way out  here, but I really do love their pillows.”

“Oh, you’re gonna be a funny one today, aren’t ya?”

I weave my fingers through hers. “If you’re asking me if I’m insanely happy to be here with you, the answer is ‘fuck yes.’”

“Right back at ya.”

The hotel transfer I arranged is waiting outside for us and whisks us away once we clear customs. As we hold hands in the back seat of the minivan, the driver points out—in a charming local accent—the sites on the 27-mile island. The vivid blue Caribbean water and bright, hot sun have already begun working their magic on both of us, but the closer we get to our destination, the more nervous I find myself becoming.

The ring is safely tucked away in an inside zippered pocket of the duffle bag, which thankfully the airport security officer didn’t reveal to my hopefully-soon-to-be-fiancée. I’ve already checked on it twice since we landed, but I won’t feel comfortable until I have it locked away in the safe. Of course, that assumes Isabella won’t also want access to the room safe.

What am I saying? This case of nerves is not going away until that ring is safely stowed where it was meant to reside permanently—on Isabella’s finger!

“You actually looked more relaxed yesterday in the lobby of SE.” She has a small smile on her face, but I see the concern behind her eyes. “Maybe we should’ve vacationed there instead.”

“Sorry, I just can’t wait to drag you into the ocean.”

Her face twists in panic. “Edward, you do know I can’t swim, right?”

Holy shit! What an insensitive boob I am. “I’m sorry, I…you can’t? Have we discussed this?” Jesus, why did I bring her to a tiny island?

“Hey, I’m just teasing you.”

“Oh, fuck, Isabella. That wasn’t funny.” I rake my fingers through my hair, pushing it off my forehead.

“Edward.” There’s a look of concern in her eyes now. “I’m sorry.”

I shrug it off and bring her hand up to my lips. “No worries.” I attempt to act normal for the remainder of the ride, but boy, am I happy to pull up to the reception area. Our van is surrounded by helpful door openers trying to pry our luggage away from us, but Master’s duffle isn’t leaving my sight.

We breeze through check-in, and soon one of the many accommodating staff is walking us to our suite.

Isabella smiles widely and silently mouths, “Suite,” as we clasp hands and follow our guide.

He points out the “fine dining options” in the hotel and the beautiful hand-tiled pool, going on about how we shouldn’t hesitate to call him if we need dinner reservations or private tours or spa services. We all take the elevator up to the fifth floor, and he opens the door of our suite with great flair. Isabella gasps when she sees the four-poster bed canopied with white gauze, and she rushes out the open wall leading to our private balcony overlooking the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea, dragging me with her. She’s completely disinterested in anything else the guy tries to tell us about the room once she catches the view, and I quickly dig out my wallet and hand the guy a quick twenty so he’ll get the hell out.

“Here ya go, buddy.”

“Very good, sir. Have a magnificent day.”

“Oh, Edward…it’s perfect!”

Standing behind her with my arms wrapped around her waist and her body pulled flush against mine, I take in the spectacular view of the private cove. The website did not begin to do justice to this slice of paradise. Isabella spins in my arms and wraps her hands behind my neck, pulling me down for a long, sumptuous kiss. When she loosens her grip on my neck and pulls away, her face is glowing with excitement. “Drag me to the beach now?”

My stomach is a tight knot of nerves through our indigenous St. Lucian dinner, and I almost feel guilty for wishing the time away until we can go back to our room. This is my night; I’ve been looking forward to it, planning for it, fantasizing endlessly…and now that we’re actually walking back to the room, of course, I’m having second thoughts.

Do I have the nerve to pull this off?

What if he thinks it’s lame?

What if I make a mistake and step over some invisible line?

Oddly enough, Edward seems more relaxed now than he has all day. Maybe we’re just two fish out of water, or actually, two fish who are used to being in the city who are now in water. I swear, it feels like someone lassoed us out of a picture and photoshopped us onto a tropical paradise background. He’s as familiar to me as my own face, but in this strange place, where we’re going to try out some new paradigms, I’m adrift.

Perceptive of my thoughts as ever, Edward gives my hand a squeeze as we wait for the elevator. “Have I told you lately how beautiful you look?”

“Not since dessert.”

“My bad,” he smirks. “Is that dress new?”

“Yeah.” The elevator arrives, and we step inside.

“Good. I don’t like the idea of anyone else seeing you in it.”

“Edward, I hate to tell you, but everyone at the restaurant saw me in it just now.”

He slips two fingers under the edge of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. “Damn, ya got me there.”

“You’re not too hard to look at yourself, mister.”

I just lied. He’s extremely hard to look at, excruciating even. “Did Riley pick out those pants for you?”

We both gaze down at his light tan linen pants, tailored to drape perfectly down the slope of his hips and thighs but provide just enough resistance to be intriguing.

The doors open on five, and he pulls me gently along down the hall. “You can pretty much assume that he picked out everything I own.”

“Not your bathing suits,” I remind him.

“True,” he grins.

“Never mind your pants. You’re not going to be wearing them much longer.”

It’s my first hint at what lies ahead. Edward has just reached the door, and he stops and turns his head to look at me. His tongue slides to the inside of his cheek, and his eyes penetrate mine. Without saying a word, he hands me the room key and steps aside. It’s as good as dropping to his knees; he’s all mine.

A/N: Chapter 100 will post on Valentine's Day, and 101--the final chapter of the story-- will follow on our regular day (SATURDAY) 9 days laterI highly recommend you check out the customer images of the Playmobil Security Checkpoint on Amazon.  


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