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~Chapter 95~

“You may not be aware of this, Isabella, but every scene has a certain theme.” I’m pacing, adding to the drama a bit, building the anticipation and undoubtedly the tension. She stands obediently at ready position, feet spread hip-width apart, hands together at the small of her back, eyes cast to the floor. Her shoulders are held back admirably, and I’ll have to remember to lavish her with praise for that if she’s able to keep it up.

We’ve just been out to lunch and to the market and along with the collar, she still has her jeans and sweater on—a situation I’ll soon remedy.

“For today’s theme, I’ve chosen to incorporate our dinner company since as we’ve agreed, you’ll be in scene while they’re here. Your friend Angela is as sweet as they come, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Master.” I see a small smile play on Isabella’s lips.

“But the other one—Garrett—he’s a bit of a pain in the ass. Don’t you agree?”

The smile fades, and a rosy blush takes its place on her cheeks. “Yes, Master.”

“Well,” I clap loudly, “there you have it—today’s theme. Voilà!” I spin to her side and cup my hand suddenly on her ass. “I have to admit, before you told me yesterday that you wanted to work on this again, I had an entirely different direction in mind. How fortuitous that you happened to ask for this just in time for tonight! Pretty lucky, don’t you think, princess?”

“Yes, Master,” she mumbles toward the carpet.

Not good enough.

“I need to see how much you want this, Isabella. Do me the favor of looking at my face please, and answer once more.”

She lifts her eyes to mine and I see trepidation warring with excitement. “Yes, Master,” she says with far more enthusiasm, “it’s incredibly lucky.”

“Indeed. Tonight’s scene is kind of like a performance, or better yet, a sporting event. Like any great athlete, you’ll need the proper warm-up, which is going to be our mission for today. Take your clothes off please.”

She’s a bit startled at the sudden shift, but she quickly complies, pulling off her top first and unhitching her bra, then bending to release her boot buckles and peeling off her jeans and panties. Within moments, she’s naked in front of me.

“Beautiful. Now turn and show me that perfect ass.” She spins slowly and holds her hands tentatively by her side. “Lock your fingers together behind your neck for me.”

Her skin pebbles up with goose bumps when I run my fingers down her side and settle my palm around her left butt cheek. “I want to emphasize that you are not in trouble.”


I shift to the other side and repeat. Her firm flesh bounces under my hand in a most satisfying way. My cock makes his interest known by pressing against my jeans, and I widen my stance to allow for some growing space.

“I will be checking in with you all day, and I want you to honestly answer me with the stoplight system.”

Spank, spank.

“I want you pinked up, and I want you uncomfortably aware of this part of your body today and through the night.

Spank, spank.

“I don’t want you to forget for even one fraction of a minute whose ass this is.”

Spank, spank.

“How am I doing so far, Isabella? Do you know who owns this beautiful hunk of flesh?”

Spank, spank.

“You, Master.”

“Good girl. You are doing a fine job holding your balance. I’m really proud of you.”

Her blush deepens. “Thank you, Master.”

Spank, spank.

“What color are we, princess?”

“Green, Master.”

Spank, spank.

“Very good. We’re just getting started here. Just a warm-up for the warm-up, you might say.”

Spank, spank.

“Do you remember that beautiful whipping bench in Marcus’s dungeon?”

“Yes, Master.”

Of course she does.

“I wish I had that right here in the living room today, but since I don’t, we’re going to make our own. I’ll be right back.”

Spank, spank.

I pull two back cushions off the couch and stack them on the floor. “Kneel behind those and lean forward onto your crossed arms.”  She drops into position, but she’s holding back and I don’t like it.

“Arch your back and stick that ass out like you mean it. That’s better.”

Spank, spank.

“Spread your legs…there you go. Now you look like a girl who wants a spanking!”

Spank, spank.

She moans quietly into her arms and I keep talking, sending her into the head space she’ll need for the scene today. I hold her firmly with my left hand at her lower back to steady her and help absorb the blow.

“You are turning a delicious shade of scarlet for me, baby.”

Spank, spank.

“It’s almost time for me to get my paddle. I know how much you love Master’s paddle.”

Spank, spank.

Long groan.

I give her a short break while I hurry to my closet to get my paddle. As I approach her again, I see that she’s rocking slightly. Shit. I know she wants to get over this hump, and it’s definitely time. She’s mastered so many fears already. She’s going to need my best. I squat down next to her and place my hand on her back.

“You’re swaying, Isabella. Are you having a hard time holding your position?”

“No, Master. Sorry.” Her voice is determined and firm, and she instantly stills.

“What color are you?”

“Green, Master.”

I run an experimental hand over her skin. It’s warm, but there are no handprints or damaging marks. “You need to tell me if you get to yellow. Do not wait to be asked. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Okay. I’m going to strike you five times on each side. You should feel a bit of a thud, but it should not hurt. Here we go.”

“Get yourself clean—everywhere.” Master’s words spin in my head as I soap myself carefully, forcing fingers into cavities normally served by an indirect spray of the shower head.

My skin is definitely sensitive, and the hot spray feels like tiny needles when I bend over to wash where I know Master will be focusing his attention for the rest of the day. The Brazilian has provided a smooth playing field, so to speak, and I do my best to relax so that the soap and water can do their job.

I fluctuate between chastising myself bitterly for reminding Master I wanted to work on this and celebrating that he’s given me the chance to succeed. He’s cautioned me against worrying or feeling or even thinking about what’s to come; I try my darnedest to heed that advice.

So focused am I on cleansing the crevices I almost forget to put conditioner in my hair. Master has not given me a time constraint but I don’t wish to take advantage of his good nature tonight. If this is how my ass feels when I’m not in trouble, I renew my vow to keep it that way. Marcus’s words on the subject of drawing punishment tumble through my head, and I know he’s right—those two are always right about everything, it seems—but please God, not today. Not while Master is hell-bent on the anal play.

I give everything a final rinse, including my hair, and step out of the shower into the waiting towel held in Master’s arms. He raises it to my shoulders and wraps me in the luxury of the fluffy cotton and his firm arms. That doesn't last very long, however.

“Place your hands on the shower door,” he commands, lifting the edge of the towel to inspect my bottom.

“Hmm, some of the color has faded.”

Thwack! I had no idea he was holding the paddle until it met my warm, moist skin. “Ahh!” I protest before I have a chance to think about what is happening. Thwack! Again, the paddle slaps my skin with a loud, wet sucking sound. Two more quick strokes on each side and Master is satisfied.

“Better,” he says. “Down, girl,” he says, showing me the hand signal to drop to all fours, and I obey instantly. The towel hangs loosely over my shoulders, offering me a modicum of warmth but no modesty whatsoever.

“Is everything clean?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, good.” I feel a cool gush of slippery fluid at my crack, and Master drops to his knees behind me. His voice is tender while his finger works between my cheeks. “You’re going to do two things for me right now. Are you ready, Isabella?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Excellent. First, you’re going to trust me with all your heart. You can do that, right?”

“Of course.”

“Good. The other thing I need you to do is take the pain for me. Don’t fight it; don’t tense up. I know how it feels, and I know you can take it. Please acknowledge you understand.”

“Yes, Master. I understand.”

“Trust, Isabella.” The tip of his finger slips inside me, and it’s uncomfortable, but I don’t tense up against it.  “Well done.” I can hear the pride in his voice, and that’s enough to keep me going.

“Thank you, Master.”

I’m not expecting two quick slaps with his hand on each cheek as my reward, but oddly it feels fitting. His finger continues to press and twist while he pinches and palms me roughly. I suppose this is Master’s “diversionary medicine” at work once again. Perhaps he thinks I won’t notice the discomfort inside me if all around his probing finger is a stinging mass of flesh? The oddest thing is that while he’s knuckle-deep inside and slapping and kneading me, he’s continuously singing my praises.

“You’re doing great, Isabella. Keep breathing. I’m so proud of you. That’s my girl.” An endless string of adulation that all but erases the discomfort. The spanking is back, the finger slides out, there’s a muddle of feelings, and then something cold and hard is inserted.

“Don’t fight me,” he says sternly, and it’s more effective than all the sweet words he’s strung together before.

“Yes, Master,” I answer automatically. The cold piece returns, and I recall the set of graduated plugs he showed me last time we tried this. I never made it this far, I tell myself with an excited burst of pride. I’m doing it! It feels freaking awful and too full and every instinct wants to repel the intrusion, but Master has worked it in past the ring of muscles, twisting slowly but surely, and I feel the tip where nothing has ever reached before. Master taps gently at the end once it’s fully inserted.

“Oh, what a good girl you are, Isabella. You took the whole thing inside like a champ. I knew you could do it.”

“Thank you, Master.” Is it wrong to be giddy over such a dubious accomplishment? I don’t care if it is; I’m flying right now.

“Up you go, sweetheart.”

Master helps me to my feet and proceeds to towel dry my entire body. I’m a little leery of standing upright, having worked so hard to take it in. Master senses my angst and immediately reassures me…sort of.

“Don’t worry, princess. I have something very special for you to wear today so you don’t have to worry about losing your plug.”

“Thank you, Master,” I respond, though now I’m fairly anxious.

Master pulls two lengths of chain from his front pocket and lets them dangle in front of my face. “Your panties, my princess. The first one goes like so…” he says, twisting the chain around my waist and locking it to itself just below my navel. Master stands back to admire his work.

“Damn, you look so sexy just like that—but wait, it’s going to get even better.”

The second length is all individual links, any one or more easily removed with a simple click, as Master demonstrates. He attaches one end to the other chain in front, then pulls the length between my legs, up between the chain and my back, back through my legs to the front, and clips the other end about three links to the left of the first.

Master holds out his hands, delighted. “Your thong!”

Like the dog leash, this metal is cool and unforgiving, but the links are not uncomfortably tight to my body. Master checks his handiwork, making sure the plug is held firmly and the chains in the front run outsides of my lips, not through the middle. Though I ache for his warm fingers to trail through my slit, I’m grateful the harsh metal is set to the sides.

“There’s plenty of slack in that chain right now; you see that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“If you’re a good girl, it can stay that way, but tonight’s game of Hangman is going to cost you a link of your thong for every mistake.” Master regards the chain and gives it a bit of a tug. “You don’t have very many to spare, sweet girl. I’d pay close attention to your Master tonight.”

“Yes, Master.”

An hour before our guests are due, Isabella informs me the dinner preparations are complete—the chicken is marinating in fajita seasonings, peppers and onions are sliced, the rice and corn bread are set to cook, and the tortillas are lined up like soldiers ready for battle. Other than walking over occasionally just to see her move in the crude harness, I haven’t had much chance to enjoy my submissive this afternoon. Sure, I made her bend and pose for me in between chopping and mixing, the obscene sight of her dressed and ready—all but her bottoms—too delicious to pass up. This is my last chunk of time alone with her before our company arrives, and I intend to make the most of it.

I click off the TV and slide to the edge of the couch, opening my legs to allow room for both my submissive and my ever-expanding, much-neglected dick.

“Come closer, Isabella.”

Her long-sleeved top barely skims the chain at her waist and in her four-inch heels, her open thighs reach the height of my face. I place a kiss just above her thigh-high stocking and allow my hands to play around back where the creases of her thighs meet plump flesh.

“You’ve been working hard in there.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Take your hair down, please.” Isabella releases the clip I used to keep her beautifully blown hair out of her way in the kitchen. Her soft brown tresses fall behind her shoulders, and she tosses the clip onto the table. “You look so sexy like this, wearing my chains.” I slide two fingers inside the waist chain and tease out toward her hip. She makes a good effort to stand still, but the gentle lean into me is unmistakable. Poor thing hasn’t been touched all day save that shower, and she was well warned not to pleasure herself—not that I’d ever believe she’d dare.

“How are things in the nether regions?”

My  hands are performing their own inspection, checking the tautness of the chain and the security of the plug, and Isabella shifts a bit at the minute adjustments.

“Green, Master.”

“Glad to hear that, princess, but can you be more descriptive please? How does that plug make you feel?”

Clearly, she’s given this plenty of thought, as her answer is forthcoming. “It feels like something’s there that’s not supposed to be there—an intrusion. I’m uncomfortable, but all the hardware is a constant reminder that I’m yours. There’s nothing pleasurable in it, and I’d never choose it, but I’m happy because you seem pleased.”

“Thank you for that. You’re right; I am entirely pleased, or I will be as soon as we reverse places and you take care of me.”

“I’d love to, Master.” She smiles for the first time all day, and I calmly remind myself that playing is not all fun and games.

“Not yet.” I halt her from making a rash move without permission. More than anything tonight, I want her to feel successful. However, something she said is niggling at me. “Nothing pleasurable?” My thumbs continue to rub harsh circles over her lightly tortured bottom, and I would not expect that to be particularly pleasurable. However, she’s been prancing around this place all afternoon wearing a Master’s dream bottom half—thigh-high stockings, high heels, and chains for panties—knowing she owns my complete attention. Despite her current discomfort, I’d expect that to be erotic for her; in fact, I require it.

She realizes she’s surprised me with her response, and she backtracks over her language to find her mistake. “Not for me, Master, but as I said, I’m happy to know you’re pleased.” It’s a question, that shot in the dark when you’ve zoned out in class and the teacher calls you out on it; you give it your best shot and hope you’ve staved off the backlash.

I fall back against the couch cushions and cross my arms. “Is my pleasure no longer your pleasure? My arousal no longer enough to excite you?”

Her eyes drop to the telltale ridge in my too-tight jeans. I watch as Isabella wars with herself—she’s torn between making her point and forcing an argument of semantics she knows she won’t win.

“I’m sorry, Master. I guess I got lost in my own head. I’ll do better.”

I give her a simple nod, acknowledging her very wise choice. “I’ll take one of those links.”

Isabella looks down at the apparatus and quickly manages to unclip one of the pieces, requiring a minute tightening of the chain between her legs. I stand and hold out my hand, and she drops the link into my cupped palm. As I tuck it into my pocket, I warn, “Let’s hope you’re wet and needy after my blowjob.”

“Yes, Master,” she agrees. I motion for her to take my place on the couch, and I watch with some gratification as she cringes mildly when taking her seat. We’re all going to suffer the pain in the ass tonight in some shape or form. I open my pants and slide down the jeans and boxers so they rest by my ankles, allowing me to spread my legs enough for her to do a thorough job.

“Make it good for both of us, princess.”

She doesn’t bother to answer before swallowing me down with a loud moan, and that’s just fine by me. Snaking both hands through her loose hair, I twist it up into my own favorite updo, giving her plenty of space to please me as she chooses. She pulls off my shaft and replaces her warm mouth with her hand—not exactly a fair trade, but it works for me once she takes in my sac instead.

With soft grunts and a few gentle thrusts, I let her know I’m enjoying her attention. She responds with renewed enthusiasm. It would be my bet that a wet spot is forming on the couch between the chains, and I hate that the thought crosses my mind, but I can’t help picturing Garrett sitting here later in the exact spot. Apparently, the devil still lives inside me.

My sweet subbie swiftly erases all visuals save her own mouth and hands working me over. The louder I groan, the faster and deeper she takes me. My fingers ache to capture her head and take charge, but she needs control over this piece, needs to make it work for both of us.

…Which isn’t to say that I can’t help.

“Open your legs, princess,” I force out gruffly. With a low, needy moan, she follows the command.

She dips her face lower, drowning her five senses deep in my musk. Her mouth ventures further back and despite the constraints of my cursed jeans, Isabella manages to bathe my perineum in luxurious warm swipes of her tongue. “Ahhh, fuck, princess, you know I love that.”

My head feels fuzzy and I nearly lose it when she taps at my entrance with two insistent fingers. My mental screen is filled with Isabella’s red ass cheeks and the gleaming metal insinuated between them. I feel the rush of the locomotive as it rumbles through my balls, and somehow I find the wherewithal to warn her.

“Swallow me, baby. I’m coming hard.” She keeps pressing that button and her other hand slips to my balls, cupping them and rolling them between her loving fingers as I feel her lips close over my tip. She emits a deep guttural hum, and the vibrations around my cock trigger the first spasms of my orgasm. I release  gloriously, making sure to let her hear my intense pleasure with loud moans to match each stream. She milks me with her fingers and with the sweet suction of her hollowed-out cheeks.

“Thank you, sweetheart. That’s just what I needed.” Releasing her hair with a gentle pat on her head, I step back and tuck myself back into my boxer briefs and jeans.

“My pleasure, Master,” she says with a broad grin.

“Stand up and show me,” I command. Instead of touching her with my finger, I slide one of the lengths of chain sideways between her folds. Her eyes close briefly and she lets out a sigh. Though she has just told me everything I need to know, I make a show of checking the chain for moisture. “There’s my eager princess,” I praise. “Follow me.”

I lead her to our bedroom and have her bend forward over the bed while I take the crop from the closet.

“I need more pink before you greet our guests, and I don’t want to risk forcing the plug in any deeper. This will sting a little, but it’s not meant to hurt. Remember, you’re not in trouble. Ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

I tap her a couple times before giving her three more substantial blows on each side. Her breathy gasps are half pained, half amped-up lust—she’s right where I want her. I give the chains one final check before sending her across the hall.

“I think you better go put your jeans on and switch into more comfortable shoes—whatever you like, but keep the thigh highs—and no panties. Feel free to freshen up in the bathroom as well, but you call me if you need the toilet. No touching without my say-so tonight.”

Isabella barely blushes anymore at the bathroom control, but I’m okay with that—I’ve already achieved the blush I needed on the set of cheeks below.

“You look beautiful, Isabella.” Master fastens his bracelet around my wrist. “Those cowboy boots under your jeans are going to drive me crazy all night. I’ll be picturing you with the boots and the delicate stockings with just a trace of a floral border around your juicy thighs…”

His voice trails and his eyes glaze over a bit, so I’m surprised when he continues. “And then, of course, the homemade chastity belt.”

This causes me to giggle, and when he cocks a curious brow, I explain, “Don’t chastity belts usually cover up the opening?”

He steps closer and runs one finger down my cheek, stopping at the scoop neck of my blousy navy top. Master’s serious expression sucks the giggle right out of me. “I don’t think you want to find out how that chain feels pulled taut between your lips.”

That shuts me up but good. With that mildly sinister glint in his eye, he surprises me with a two-handed ass grab that causes my jeans to chafe against the tender skin. “Besides, there’s only one hole that matters tonight, and it’s good and covered.”

As if I need the reminder. Though I pulled the denim on as gingerly as I could so as not to press the chains further between my cheeks, I’m more fully aware of my harness and plug inside the snug jeans.

“Still uncomfortable, princess?”

“Most definitely, Master.”

Unaccustomed as I am to cooking for company, my head is already filled with scheduling and logistical issues. Labor-intensive fajitas would not have been my choice, nor would a series of last-minute dishes to be prepared just before the arrival of our guests. Lasagna and salad would’ve been more my speed, with nothing more elaborate than a loaf of garlic bread to toss in the oven during the last ten minutes. Wine uncorked and breathing, table set, water glasses filled well in advance…but Master has allowed for none of that. I have twenty minutes’ worth of preparations to make and exactly that many available to perform.  

Awash in the details, I nearly miss his question. “Are you ready to learn your instructions for the night, Isabella?”

I take a deep breath and push everything else to the side. None of it matters as much as what he’s about to tell me. I spent several minutes examining my chains in the mirror while dressing, and I know there might be enough allowance for one mistake without dire consequence, but if I need to pull a second link, there is going to be some definite strain in the delicate ecosystem between my legs.

“I want you to be yourself tonight. Speak freely; obviously you’ll refer to me as Edward, even if we’re alone. I don’t want there to be any chance of confusion for you. I want you to enjoy your friends—well, Angela at least—” he huffs, “be a great hostess, have a drink—but keep your wits about you. I’ll be lenient but not a chump. Got that?”

“Yes, Master.” I know there’s a catch. It can’t just be this unseen restraint system that Master has in mind. There’s going to be more, and my nerves are starting to jangle waiting to hear what it is.

“Aside from what I already told you about using the toilet, for which you will ask my permission by placing your hand on my shoulder and saying, ‘Excuse me, please,’ I have one simple command for tonight. You remember our theme?”

“Yes, Master. Pain in the ass.”

“Exactly. One achieved and the other to arrive shortly, I presume.”

“Yes, Master. They’re usually punctual.”

“Score one for the douchebag.” He has a little chuckle while I wait as patiently as possible. “Just one little thing; it’s easy if you keep your eye on your Master’s watch. Palm up…” he illustrates with his left hand, “you’re on your feet. Palm down…” he grins and flips his hand over, “you’re on your sore little tush. Any questions?”

For a moment, I picture myself in a game of “Simon Says,” rising and falling at my spot at the dinner table, and I can’t imagine how our friends won’t know what’s going on. Before I put voice to my trepidations, Master cups my chin and searches my face. “You’re free to speak your concerns, but I hope I won’t need to remind you to trust me.”

His words wash over me not so much as a warning, but as a cleansing shower rinsing away all lingering doubt. I feel lighter than before, completely unburdened of my anxiety and responsibility to my guests. I have one loyalty tonight, and he’ll take care of the rest for me. This, after all, is why he stipulated that we’d be in scene. I feel the smile spread across my face, and Master’s intense expression is replaced by pride.

“May I assume there will be a chair in the vicinity when I’m meant to sit down?”

He slides his hand to my cheek and runs his thumb across my lips, taking in my smile and returning one of his own. “You may hear the command as an order to be seated at your first natural-appearing convenience in the nearest appropriate seat not occupied by another human being—unless, of course, I decide to pull you into my lap.”

That proposition sounds both deliciously tempting and perilously painful. “Thank you, Master.” I kiss his thumb.

“You’re very welcome. I believe you have some preparations to take care of in the kitchen?”

“Yes, Master.”

He leans forward and covers my lips with his. “Don’t worry about a thing; I’ve got you covered, sweetheart.”

“I know, Master.”

“Time to start calling me Edward. Would you like me to mix us up a couple Margaritas? I’ll go light on the tequila.”

“Sounds great, Edward.”

The name feels funny in my mouth, like when a completely familiar word suddenly just looks foreign on the monitor. I roll his name around in my head, and I’m transported back to our first fateful meeting, behind Alice’s computer. Of course, I know now that Edward would’ve simply engineered a different chance for us to meet had that Secret Santa “glitch” not brought him upstairs. Perhaps our initial meeting would not have felt so overwhelmingly dangerous to me, his name would not have traveled directly to every nerve ending in my body on a stream of adrenaline. It was only a matter of time, though, before Edward became synonymous with danger.

And now?

“Here’s your drink, sweetheart. Should we have a toast? Isabella?” The light green beverage catches my eye as he waves it back and forth between us, his warm laughter transporting me back to the kitchen.

“Sorry. Thank you…Edward.” Still feels awkward, but I take the drink he’s offering and clink my glass gently against his.

“To assholes,” he says, adding a wink just before tasting his drink.

“Assholes,” I echo, rolling my eyes because he’ll allow it tonight. At least until our company leaves.
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    1. Don't be googling, Shell. I made that up. Just picture a dog training collar, or a watchband with removable links. Being right just isn't worth much when you're the one in the chain link undies! In fact, I've found it to be fairly useless in every relationship. (food for thought?)

      His plan for dinner is keeping her mind on HIM and not on pleasing her guests. She's already more relaxed than she would've been. Yes, I'll just post chapter 100 out of the blue on ff! Oh that would be so interesting, wouldn't it? Maybe his proposal? heeheeeheeeeeeeeeeeee. MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

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