Friday, November 9, 2012


~Chapter 86~

I might be a wee bit wobbly when Edward leads me into the alcove near the coat check. While the attendant searches for our belongings, Edward pulls the suede pouch containing my bracelet from the front pocket of his pants. “Are you ready, Isabella?”

“Yes,” I answer him aloud, then mouth, “Master.”

He smirks as he clasps the jewelry over my wrist. He turns to retrieve the coats as they’re slid across the counter, and he holds mine up. I extend my arms behind me, but can’t seem to find the arm openings.

“Oh, you’re gonna be fun tonight,” Edward croons near my ear. “Here you go now, one at a time for beginners…a little higher, and…contact!”

I shrug myself all the way in and crane my neck around as far as it will go. “Don’t forget, no consequences,” I remind him.

He closes my coat around me from behind and pulls me back against his body. Pressing his lips against my neck, he amends my statement, “No alcohol-related consequences.” Leaving me shivering in my heavy winter coverings, he pulls on his leather jacket while stepping outside to line up the taxi. I have no idea what he’s planning—I never do—but the fact that he’s put the bracelet on me here tells me something is going to happen before we get home. I wrap my scarf around my neck, pull on my gloves, and focus on centering myself and not trying to guess Master’s intentions.

He comes back in to retrieve me, guiding me firmly by the elbow into the back seat.

“Fifty-seventh and fifth,” he directs the cabbie, and my mind instantly starts whirring.

Stop. Just focus on Master. I twist to face him and let everything outside of the two of us just blend into the night.

“You’re okay, right?” he asks. “Not too drunk?”

“No, I’m fine. Just don’t make me drive.”

He stretches his left arm out along the back of the seat. “Slide closer,” he commands, and I scoot along the vinyl and duct tape patches until I’m nestled into the crook of his arm. His right hand comes up to cup my chin and turns my mouth to his. “I need to kiss you.”

When he closes his lips over mine, it’s a total eclipse. He manages to demand just enough to leave me breathless for more. When he’s sated, Master holds me close,  his eyes scanning knowingly out the window. I watch in utter fascination as the neon signs and street lights color mad streaks of green, yellow, blue and red across the face I’ve memorized in detail but yet sometimes don’t recognize at all. “Almost there,” he seems to say to himself.

He tips his head down and places a kiss on my forehead. “We’re going to have so much fun tonight, princess,” he promises.

“I’m already having fun,” I confess. I’m utterly content tucked into his side. Whatever else happens is icing on my happy Master cake.

The taxi stops and Master unwinds himself from me. I refrain from groaning at the loss of his warmth. He’s got me in more of a mushy than horny mood at the moment, and I honestly pray I’m up to whatever task he has in mind tonight—not that his kisses and promises haven’t excited me.

“Care to join me?” Master’s amused face pokes into the car and I realize I’ve slipped off into a mini-daydream. He reaches a hand toward me, and I clasp it tightly while he helps wriggle me out of the cab.

My eyes scan the corner. It’s a pretty typical Manhattan block: neighborhood grocery/deli, electronics store, hot dog shop boasting “Voted Best of the Big Apple” and a giant bookstore. Just when I begin to wonder if one of these is a front for a BDSM club, Master pulls me close to his side and leads me into Rizzoli.

Once inside, Master says, “Go up to the counter and ask where the photography section is located.”

“But there’s a sign—” His forehead scrunches and I immediately realize my mistake. “Sorry,” I say quickly.

“Correction—go up and ask where the erotic photography is located,” he commands this time. His correction is thankfully mild, but I get the point. Without responding, I turn immediately to carry out my revised mission. “Hold it!”

I stop dead in my tracks and turn back.

“Ask that guy.” Master tips his chin toward the employee at the end of the counter, a round-faced twenty-something-year-old boy with at least three chins visible from here, dark, greasy hair protruding from his head at odd angles, and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. I nod solemnly and move toward my target, Master’s eyes burning two holes in my back the entire way.

“Excuse me, er…Reginald?”

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“Could you please tell me where the erotic photography books are located?”

“Oh,” he answers, his chubby cheeks and multiple chins flaming bright red. “Let me see now…”

I chance a look over my shoulder at my very self-satisfied Master, who is leaning against the impulse bookshelf with his arms crossed his chest, as if he could gladly watch this show all night. I marvel at my body’s response.

Shouldn’t I be embarrassed? Oddly, I feel nothing less than empowered. I know for certain I would’ve wandered the store aimlessly on my own rather than work up the nerve to ask for help. Yet, because Master commanded it, there is no self-doubt. The wine doesn’t hurt any, either.

The boy taps away at his keyboard and scans the screen desperately, eager to be rid of my uncomfortable request. “I just can’t tell if it’s filed under photography…or…” Here, he leans around his computer and whispers, “e-ro-ti-ca.” Tap, tap, tap. “Here we go. Yes, you want to head upstairs to nonfiction and follow signs to photography. Then, you’ll see the…subsection,” he ends with a whisper.

“Thank you,” I say, smiling sweetly at him and returning to Master’s side. “He said to follow the signs to photography.”

Master’s eyes penetrate me, looking for signs of sarcasm. No way. “After you,” he says, sweeping his arm toward the escalator. He places his hands on the black moving banister at either side of my hips and steps his hard body up against my ass and we ride the electronic staircase upstairs.

“This way.” I lead, easily locating the nonfiction area and quickly zeroing in on the two shelves housing the desired books. “Here we are,” I announce with relief.

“Good job. Now I want you to go into the bathroom, take off your stockings and your bra—are you wearing panties?”


He smiles. “Excellent. Stuff those two things into your handbag and then join me back here.”

“Yes, Master,” I whisper with a thrill.

By the time she returns, I’ve chosen two “coffee table books” depicting bondage and domination.  One is what I’d call tasteful, the other—not so much.

“I’ll take your coat,” I offer, and she transfers the bundle folded over her arm into my waiting hands. She’s still cloaked in her business suit, and no one but Isabella and her Master will know that she has nothing on beneath her skirt and blouse. Her eyes are a bit brighter than when she stepped out of the taxi; she’s starting to settle into the scene.

“Let’s sit down for a bit,” I say, leading her into a little out-of-the-way reading nook with two comfortable armchairs. Nonfiction isn’t exactly where the Friday night Rizzoli crowd is likely to hang out, and we’re in luck tonight…no people.

“Have a seat.” I gesture to one of the chairs and sit down in the other, leaning forward and resting my elbows on my thighs so I can speak to her privately. “I don’t want you to worry about posture or language or any other protocol right now. Just relax into that comfortable chair and take a slow walk through the pages.”

I hand her the more artistic of the two and take my own advice about relaxing while I carefully watch for her response. It’s not even a challenge to recognize the first picture that really captivates her. Her breath catches as she turns the page and she flicks her tongue across her lower lip. Her eyes slowly traverse down the page, click side to side, and travel up and down once more.

“You like that one?”

She blushes madly and looks up. “Yes.”

As much as I’m dying to rip the book from her hands and see what’s got her so aroused, I calmly direct, “Tell me what you see.”

“The…submissive is kneeling naked on the floor, sitting back on her heels, and her hands are bound behind her back. She’s wearing a black collar with dog tags dangling at the front. She has a fantastic body and a simple piercing in her navel. Her head is tipped back by her master’s hand on her throat and she’s looking up into his eyes with this…expression…” Isabella trails off, getting lost in the picture. I wait for her to catch up again.

“I’m sorry, I got mesmerized by her face.”

“What else?”

“All you can see of the master is that hand at her throat, pushing her just beyond the point of comfort, stretching her to her most advantageous…” She sucks in a breath and pulls her lower lip between her teeth. “Oh, and you can see that he’s fully dressed, except his feet are bare.”

Isabella looks over at me again. I happen to know that’s a look she finds particularly commanding.

“Sounds like a nice picture,” I comment appreciatively, leaving the window open for her to add to her description, but she simply agrees.


“May I see that please?” I hold out my hand, and she sets it delicately onto my palm, watching attentively for my reaction.

“Did you not notice the silver food dish on the floor, or did you choose not to mention it to me?”

Isabella dips her chin and looks into her lap—dead giveaway, princess.


Clearly, she struggles with the admission, already realizing she’s sealed her fate. “Guess I left it out on purpose.”

“Thank you for your honesty,” I reply, filing the nugget away for another time.

She shoots me a pleading look, and for once, I leave it alone. I can’t be sidetracked right now.

“I agree with you; this is mesmerizing. Here, take this back now, and tell me what she’s thinking.”

Isabella studies the picture once more, then begins to free associate. “She seems both relaxed and strained at the same time; she seems to be giving her very best effort and she can’t quite do everything she wants to please him. She seems content—like his hand on her throat and whatever way he’s looking at her is all she needs…it’s so lovely. And she’s clearly aroused,” she adds, sweeping her hand over the page. “Those nipples are…begging for attention. She’s totally at his mercy and she seems to be craving every minute of it.”

“I picked this book for you for a very specific reason. These are not models. This photographer finds couples in the lifestyle and captures their very intimate moments together. I want to hear what you think the master’s face reflects back to her.”

“We can’t see his expression, but looking down on that kind of devotion, he would have to feel an enormous sense of pleasure and a great deal of pride.”

“He would,” I concur, drawing her eyes to mine. “And I do. Every single time.” I spell it out, just in case she didn’t feel the shift. I see the thin curtain of tears cloud her eyes. “Yes, sweetheart, that is exactly the way you’ve looked at me in scene, ever since day one. You remember how you shook, holding your dress up while I teased you with the feather?”

“I will never forget that moment as long as I live.”

“Neither will I—trust me. Now tell me, if this submissive can put that type of expression on her master’s face, would that not be the most enormous source of pride for the devoted submissive?”

“I can’t really imagine anything better,” she agrees, soaking in the connection to her journal entry that we have yet to explicitly discuss.

“Okay, enough talking for now. Sit back, relax, and look through the rest of the pictures.  You don’t have to say another word. Just…let me know if you see something particularly moving.”

Pulling my ankle up onto the opposite knee and folding my hands in my lap, I lean into the leather armchair and simply watch as she leafs slowly through the pages. She pretty much had me hard as concrete over the cat bowl fiasco, and my shower session this morning is long expired. Occasionally, she turns the book to show me a picture, blushing madly all the while. She closes the back cover, finally, and awaits further instruction.

“Time to go.” I stand and offer her my hand, pulling her right into my body. “Your nipples are good and hard,” I murmur near her ear as I nip my way up her neck. “Wait till I show you the other book tomorrow.”

“Oh god,” she sighs loudly as I slide my hand between our bodies and pinch one of her nipples through the thin blouse. “I’ll bet your pussy’s nice and wet, too. Am I right?” I swipe my tongue across the tiny opening at the top of her blouse.

“Yes,” she swoons, grabbing onto my neck with both hands.

“I’ve got you,” I promise with a chuckle. “Go downstairs and buy these. I’ll meet you outside.” I hand her the two books and sixty dollars in cash before mounting the escalator while she gathers her things.

My outfit is all wrong; the suit carried over from the work day is unsupported by the proper necessities underneath, and I feel particularly awkward stripped from the waist down, my bare legs plunging straight into my winter boots. To add to my torment, Master has ordered my legs open in the taxi, tossing his coat across my lap to hide my treasures from the driver, but snaking his hand under my skirt and torturing me with endless wispy caresses.

I’m hot and bothered by the time we get to the apartment, and Master’s reminder that we’re still in scene is hardly necessary as he switches out the bracelet for my heavy collar right there at the front door. My mind goes straight to the girl with the dog collar and tags around her neck. I definitely crossed over from emo-swoon into horny sub mode at the book store—score one for Master.

“Still feeling relaxed?” he asks, running his fingers through my hair.

“The alcohol’s worn off a bit, if that’s what you mean, Master.”

“How about a little amaretto, or Sambuca, just to draw out the mellow?”

“Sure, if you think I need it.”

He obviously does, because he leaves me there on my knees to go and pour me a drink. I hear the ice cubes clink into the glass and the neck of the bottle make contact with the crystal tumbler. Soon enough, he’s in front of me, holding a healthy portion of amaretto on the rocks.

“At your leisure,” he offers.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Up you go,” he says, helping me to my feet. “Wait for me over by the TV please.”

I stand where he told me while he brings over two stools from the kitchen island. “Here you go. Take a seat.”

I am feeling utterly ridiculous, but he doesn’t seem concerned with what I’m wearing right now. In fact, he simply plops down right in front of me on the other stool.

“So—” he starts playfully.

“So—” I respond nervously.

“Okay. Let me tell you where we’re going here, because I’m about to push at one of your soft limits.”

Churn, says the stomach. Trust. Trust. Truuuuuuust, says the brain. “That would explain the alcohol then?”

“Only enough to relax you, not enough to impair your judgment.”

“You’re freaking me out a little bit, just to let you know, Master.”

“Easy does it, sweetheart. This is actually quite simple. I want to take your picture tonight.”

Nooooooooooo! the fierce little soldier protecting my good girl place calls out, cocking her rifle at my Master. I frantically reach back mentally to my submissive checklist. Did I not place photography in the “neutral” category? Unless I want to safe word out of this scene, I need to relax and allow him to exercise his prerogative to explore.

Master watches carefully as my inner struggle takes place; as usual, he comes out on top. “You’re the boss, Master.”

The tension eases instantly. “You’re okay then?”

“I put my faith in you and you own me, body and soul…or something like that, right?” I have completely muddled the vow from my journal entry, but his bright smile tells me I hit the mark.

“Thank you for the gift of your submission,” he says solemnly. “And just to reassure you, these pictures are staying on the memory card in the camera, to be enjoyed by the two of us and nobody else.”


“Take off your boots and jacket. I’ll be right back.”

He kisses me on his way back to the bedroom, but it doesn’t stop my heart from beating wildly in his absence.

I shed my boots and sip my drink. Happily, Master returns swiftly in my favorite outfit—jeans and nothing else.

Well, not exactly nothing else, he’s sporting a camera with a long lens that looks like business. “Finished with that?”

I tip the glass back and swallow everything but the ice, handing it back to him. “Yep.’

He chuckles and takes it from me and sets it on the coffee table. “Good girl. Let’s have a little mood here.” He clicks the remote for his iPod and something with a South Beach beat pounds through the speakers. “How’s that?”

“Actually, it’s a little abusive. Got anything a little more…treble?”

He clicks through a few more songs and I shake my head no, no, no, and then he finds one that actually makes me feel it…a little sexy, a little daring. “That’ll work.”

Satisfied, he tosses the remote to the couch and places his hands on my shoulders.

“Okay, Isabella, it’s just you and me. Think of the camera as a part of me, another set of eyes, so I can see you in a new way. This is not a role play; I’m not asking you to travel outside your own head. I want you to pose for me. Understand?”


He leans back against his stool, planting his foot against the rung, and lifts the camera to his face. “Unbutton your shirt.”

My fingers move immediately to follow his order, but the first click of the shutter makes me freeze. Master moves the camera off his face and issues a firm command. “Don’t think, just obey.”

Modesty takes a back seat as I work the first button through the slot. “Nice,” he coaxes me, and I reach for the next. After the fourth button, he pushes off his stool and crouches in front of me. “One more, Isabella. Show me some flesh.”

I unbutton the last one with trembling fingers, and the blouse falls open, releasing my breasts into the path of his lens. “Beautiful, baby. I love your gorgeous tits. Feel the beat of the music…that’s it…move the blouse to the side…good girl…and now, take it off.”

He moves all around me, snapping pictures of my hands, my face, and mostly, my tits. The whole time, he continues his paparazzi rap, making me feel wanted and beautiful, reminding me it’s my Master I’m posing for.

“Touch your nipples, Isabella…roll them in your fingers…oh fuck, look at that pucker… so sexy…”

I’m just starting to get used to the strange sensation when he aims the camera  between my knees and orders me to spread my legs for him. “Oh, Christ…so beautiful. All shadows and just a hint of pussy. Pull up your skirt and sit back down on the stool. Hell yes, Isabella…I bet that feels good. You’ve been wet since the book store…let me see you soak that stool…oh god yes…you are making me so hard, princess…”

The smooth surface of the oak stool feels cool and hard between my legs, but the friction is such a relief.

“Let’s get that skirt out of the way now…stand up and slide it off, yes, yes…wait, turn around and bend over…”

I hear the soft click, click, click and his low murmurs of pleasure as I bend over the stool and spread my legs for him.

“Shake that sweet ass for me, baby. You know how much I love it.”

I am dripping wet and aching to be touched, but it’s only the caress of the camera that he allows, so I give it everything I’ve got. Sinking, sinking into dirty girl mode and loving every minute of it.

“Turn back…oh yeah…” And then, Master reminds me with one swift hand motion, this isn’t just any photo session—this is his submissive giving herself to her Master. I sink to my knees and sit back on my heels like the girl in the picture.

“Hold your elbows behind your back,” he says gruffly, whirring away with the camera. “Give me your very best effort, princess,” he commands, and I stretch my back and look straight ahead.

He pulls the camera away and stands right over me, saying, “Look at your Master’s face right now, Isabella. Look at the love and respect I have for you right now. Can you see that?”

“Yes, Master.”

My eyes well up with tears because I know I look like the girl in the picture, and he snaps the shot.

“Fuck…open, open!” I practically catch my balls in the zipper trying so desperately to get my jeans out of the way. She drops her jaw and I push inside and for a few seconds, all I can do is just stand there and feel the exquisite relief of finally being out of my tight pants and inside her wet, warm mouth.

I regain my senses and grab the camera off the stool, watching her swallow me down through the telephoto lens and recording every few frames of the action. It’s incredibly erotic to actually watch my cock enter her mouth again and again, but more than that, it’s the expression on her face that nearly makes me blow my load just as I’m getting started.

She looks blissful and content and yet she shares that tension with the girl in the picture, because I know Isabella wants to do more for me than I’m allowing. I know she wants to use her hands and press all my buttons, and part of the submission is that she can’t do that right now. So she reaches and strives and she gives…

I hadn’t anticipated how excruciating it would be to hold onto the camera and watch the whole thing at close range—when it was my dick and my sub’s lips. I blame the close-ups for what happens next. As that rhythmic techno beat pounds into my system and she pulls me closer and closer to the edge, I just can’t be satisfied—artistically—with releasing into her mouth. My balls tighten up and I pull out, grabbing myself quickly with one hand and directing the spray across her tits.

There’s no way I can manage the camera at this point, so I just drop that arm limp at my side, pinch my eyes tightly shut, and howl at the ceiling like a wild beast.

The first thing I see when I open my eyes is the smile on Isabella’s face. I quickly lift the camera and capture the moment. I crouch down in front of her and get some great cum shots, using my zoom lens to capture a particularly interesting glob hanging from her right nipple.

“That was awesome. Thank you, my sweet subbie.”

I snap one more picture as she says, “You’re welcome.”

“Okay, princess, toilet, toothbrush, and towel and then it’s time for a slideshow.”

Once we’re situated together, Isabella sprawled along the cushions with her arms folded under her neck, one leg across my lap and the other flexed over the back of the couch near my shoulder, I set the camera to scroll on the slowest speed through the photos. “Tell me about the pictures.”

I brush my fingers along her stomach, building her smolder once again.

“You can really see my anxiety there,” she observes uncomfortably. I trace my fingers between her breasts as each button comes undone on screen. When the blouse falls open, I skim the outsides of her breasts and she sucks in a huge breath.

“You don’t have to hold back, Isabella. You may come freely.”

“Thank you, Master,” she answers, her eyelids fluttering as I circle her nipples.

“Just keep watching and narrating for me.”

“Once my shirt came off and you started dirty talking me…” Her words stop and so do my hands. Being the highly developed creature she is, it takes her all of two seconds to start up again. “I kind of got into it.”

“I’ll say,” I agree, pinching at her nipples and squeezing her breasts in my hands to match her motions on screen.

The shadowy close-ups of her pussy fill the picture and my hands slide to her thighs. Isabella lets out a low moan, and my fingertips trace wide circles. “Continue,” I urge gently.

“Here’s where I started to just let loose, I guess,” she admits with a shy little laugh at the end. “Oh, man…that’s pretty hot, isn’t it?”

I lose myself in the imagery of her conservative skirt skimming down over her bare ass, and I grab the camera and reverse to the last frame containing the skirt. We both gawk at the frozen image on the screen. Her legs are open as much as the dark, heavy fabric at her knees allows—just a sliver of space visible where the round curve of her bottom begins. 

 “Yeah, that is definitely a keeper,” I agree, lifting my hips off the couch and shifting myself inside my jeans. I press play, and the still shots where she leaned over the stool scroll past. They’re fantastic, but they don’t begin to capture her sexy movement. That doesn’t stop her from recalling, “I’m in full-on porn star mode there.”

The submissive poses follow, and I pause once more on the close-up I took of her face, tilted up to meet mine. The edge of her collar is visible just under her chin, and you can sense the lively bounce of her thick, loose hair in freefall beyond her head. But those aren’t the details that captivate me, and I know my princess is thinking the same when she says, “That’s the picture,” with breathy wonderment.

“What is that girl thinking?” I tear my eyes from the picture so I can receive her response.

Her breath catches over a sudden lump in her throat, and she turns to face me. “She knows she would do anything to earn that look from her Master…and…” A tear has escaped from each eye and I brush them away gently with my thumb, cupping her cheek and awaiting her conclusion with nearly unbearable anticipation. “She feels worthy of him.”

That she is, my sweet, sweet princess. Right there, as my submissive, you are beaming and perfect. Just like I told you. I knew you wouldn’t believe me until you saw it for yourself.”

“Thank you, Master,” she sobs quietly.

“Thank you, princess.”

This scene could go one of two ways right now, and my dick puts in a convincing vote for Plan A. “We’ll come back to this,” I promise both of us, setting the pictures in motion once again.

The girl on screen now has my cock in her mouth and I’m suddenly jealous of myself.

Isabella’s voice surprises me. “I was so relieved when you gave yourself to me there.”

“That makes two of us,” I shoot back, thinking next time I’d better use the neck strap. My sarcasm quickly gives way to lust as the pictures capture my earlier movements and my hands find their way back toward Isabella’s gaping opening. “Let me narrate this part; you just watch.”

My thumbs draw nearer, playing at her glistening lips. “What utter joy when I sank into your mouth…your sweet lips pulling me in and your soft, wet tongue welcoming me deeper…”

Her breaths come quicker as I tease a finger around and around her most tender spot. “Look at your greedy eyes, princess, look how you want more, always more…”

I lift my hands from her skin and touch down right on her clit. She jumps into my hand and groans. “Oh, my greedy, greedy girl. Look how you swallow your Master’s cock and still, you want more. You want to taste my balls and put your hands all over me…” I cup her pussy and twiddle her engorged nub with two fingers until she’s writhing uncontrollably.

“Oh, princess, look at you there, with Master’s cum all over your tits. What a dirty, dirty girl you are.”

She tries to watch the screen, but her eyes pinch so tightly shut I’m sure she’s seeing stars. Her tits jiggle tantalizingly, her nipples point straight to the ceiling, and her hips jump right off my lap as she humps my hand to a long, loud orgasm.

Meanwhile, I’m two shakes of a stiff dick from coming in my pants, and I quickly wriggle out from under her legs and shuck my jeans once more. Positioning my knees between her thighs, I plunge into her slick pussy and pound her like there’s no tomorrow.

The beautiful thing is, as I remind myself just before my ecstasy spills into my perfect submissive, there is a tomorrow. And Master has definite plans.
A/N: That globule of cum was included especially for my dear friend Kitkat, who is always entertaining me with such delights!


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    They’ve only been in their relationship for what, a month? Bella didn’t have any experience as a submissive, yet she’s been almost perfect in her submission, with the exception of a small hiccup here or there. Edward’s never had a girlfriend that was a submissive, yet, he seems to have both roles down pat. It just seems a bit odd to me that they’ve made no mistakes. I’m not one for a whole lot of drama or angst, but this story feels like it’s flatlining to me. Not necessarily dying in that respect, but there aren’t any real highs or lows. Eveything just seems to run on a perfectly even keel, all the time, and that’s doesn’t seem natural.

    I’m not crazy about Bella in this story or her journaling. I understand that it’s becoming a big part of the story, but her words feel fake to me. Like she’s trying too hard, too hard to be perfect or something. It’s confusing and irritating sometimes that she can do the more difficult tasks, but falters when it comes to doing somthing as easy as tell her Master that she has to use the toilet. I still don't get that.

    I guess I'm also against bringing Marcus into their, whatever you want to call it. I know you’re the one writing the story, but I have to disagree with you with respect to Marcus and his lingering feelings for Edward. Imho, they are real. They exist and I don’t think he needs to be involved with them on any level. I think you have tried to smooth over concerns in this area, but I don’t think you’ve accomplished that goal and I’m not sure that you can, given the way you wrote the chapter with their meeting. You even wrote that Bella acknowledged the look that was apparently written all over Marcus’ face that night they had dinner together. I think she should continue to work with her Master and learn from him…he did, afterall, learn from Marcus. How can Bella truly learn to submit to Master, learn his looks, his movements and mannerisms, his expectations. A person learns from making mistakes, that they might not otherwise make, if taking ques from another person. On some level that feels like “evening the playing field” and I don’t think one can truly learn from that.

    LOL! It won't let me post more than this...I'll finish one small bit below and I'll be out of your hair!

    1. Anon,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I haven't actually sit down to count how many chapters are bf/gf and how many are play because they tend to feed into each other, which is how it feels realistic to me. They are who they are together, and one mode informs the other. I'm not forcing chapters into one or the other mathematically, but rather listening to what feels like the right mix to them...and allowing for organic development.

      Their journey is a series of very subtle movements. This story is meant to be the gritty day-to-day reality of combining a D/s lifestyle with real life. Along the way, there are triumphs AND mistakes, both large and subtle. You're not going to hear foghorns in this story, but if you listen for the moments, I believe you'll hear them. No character is perfect, nobody is all bad- they're ALL supposed to feel human. And neither of the two mains is drama-oriented, which probably reflects my own philosophy on handling relationships. So again, it's a very subtle hand that guides the ship, and that is not likely to change during the remainder of the story.

      I don't disagree that Marcus has strong affection for Edward, but I see that as a positive, not a negative. Marcus hasn't yet been mentor to Isabella, so judging what might happen there seems premature.

      Bella's journaling is her way of sorting things out, so maybe that's why it always feels "perfect" to you? In the writing, she discovers, which is entirely how it works for me. I view each as a writing assignment, exactly the same as I did in my story Comp Sem 101, and I never know where I'll come out once I sit down to explore. It's not dialogue, so she has the chance to perfect and edit before she sets it down, and that's why you're hearing a more formal voice that I guess feels fake to you. I've read QUITE a few sub journals on line and I opted for something on the more sophisticated end of the spectrum. It's a different kind of vehicle for me to employ, and I'm pleased with Bella's voice in her journal.

      I hope those insights help!

  7. The only other thing I wish to address is the length of the story and the real time that has passed. What clicked for me was, actually back in September I think, when Bella was coming home from her business trip. It occurred to me that when you first wrote their conversation about her going out of town, it was like February! That’s an awfully long time to pass, considering it was probably only a two week period in their lives…anyway, it just makes me wonder where the story is going and a little bit of trepidation about how long it’s going to take to get there.

    1. I'm good with a reader wondering where the story is going. If you knew already, it would be boring as heck. This one is about the journey, and that's where the rich characterizations come in for me. If you're not enjoying that aspect of the story--the introspection, the progress, and the character development--it won't matter if the story ends tomorrow; it's already a waste of your time.

      If you just need to know how it all comes out, you pretty much knew that the second you read the title. It's how we get them there that interests me.

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    1. He'd never spray her in the eye...on purpose!

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    1. Thank you, Anon. Hopefully we'll be done before forever and wrapped up in a way that makes sense!

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    1. Thank you, Pink. I'm happy the intensity came across in your reading!

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    1. Agreed, Flyr. As usual, her trust in Master is well-deserved.

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    1. CC-Thanks. I agree, Edward helped her see that she has become the submissive she's admired! What a feeling, eh? xx

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    I have to say that I adore this story. Very hot, very thought provoking and definitely good food for the imagination ;) I'll admit that I often will go back and read a chapter a second time - just because something in particular resonated with me or because I just wanted to relive the story. This doesn't seem like much, but I NEVER do that! Hopefully, I'll actually keep up with commenting - perhaps even go back and comment on some back entries

    Out of curiosity, where is that photo from?

    1. Zeph-I truly appreciate your taking the time to let me know you've been enjoying the story. I'd always be open to hearing your thoughts. I should credit that picture but I honestly have no idea where I found it. I know I did not take it myself! Thanks again for stopping in to say hello.

  15. Just a quickie to say, I love this story. I am in a D/s relationship and I completely understand the feeling that I could hand my Master the world and it still wouldn't be enough. At the same time, I know he feels the same way about me.

    I think the way you've written the relationship between Bella and Edward is perfect. My Master and I are friends, we hang out, we laugh, we tease, we enjoy each other very much.

    As for some criticism I've read about neither one of them being used to the role they are in, Bella as a submissive and Edward as a Dominant and a boyfriend. My relationship is much the same, and I think you've nailed their roles and how they deal with them as well.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Well, I always do enjoy a good quickie! Seriously though, as someone living the lifestyle, your words carry all the more validity in terms of how you see their relationship progressing. I'm truly happy for you that you seem to be in a loving, caring relationship! Thank you for taking the time to write in and let me know that some of this rings true for you. VERY much appreciated. XX

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    1. :) Lisa, so pleased you are enjoying all that about the story.

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    1. I'm guessing you want Edward to be her end-all be-all everything and be the only one she needs for all her...needs! Understandable but not necessary. Edward's a big enough man to step aside when the circumstances call for it. It's okay if Marcus makes people feel a little outside their comfort zone- that's a taste of what Isabella is doing in putting herself out there for something she really cares about doing right. Thanks for your comments.

    2. Perhaps...the thought of a woman instead of Marcus doesn't seem to bother me near as much.

    3. AHA! Seems as though you figured out your objection to Marcus!

  18. Oh, Born, this is a WONDERFUL chapter! It is so delicious to see Master using his dominance not just for his own purposes, but to make sure that his princess feels cherished and worthy.

    So many D/s narratives focus only on humiliation and degradation OR the physically difficult/taxing (if not torturous) aspects of the scenes. Your E&B/M&p are SO much more than that. Because they are "real life" bf/gf, the lessons from scenes leak into their real lives. Isabella's most private fears about worthiness -- especially in relation to Edward/her Master, who rescued her from the Stepford life she was supposed to have (and to WANT!) -- are complex and don't fit neatly into a box marked, "feelings for use as a sub only."

    I can understand that feeling PRIDE in her role as a sub is difficult for her...after all, it hasn't been that long that she has had that role at all, plus all those years beforehand when she had the *longings* to be a sub but no outlet, and was busy rolling around in thoughts that her desires were "weird" or "wrong" or some other nonsense. That's a lot to overcome. A LOT.

    Not only does this chapter really serve the narrative and the double relationship you've created for them, but it also speaks directly to what many women (heck, most *people*) want more than anything -- a sincere, utterly unconditional sense of acceptance and love, which creates a feeling of worthiness and value in oneself. You don't have to be a submissive or a Dom to understand that, and you don't have to be a beautifully-written fictional character to want it, either.

    I'm all aglow -- warm fuzzies and a heaping helping of hot-and-bothered, to boot. Gotta go hunt down MisterYesPleaseSir!

    PS: Now I know what picture you were looking for o those many moons ago. The one I gave you was close, but this one really hits the nail on the head: wow, that look in her eyes!!!!

    1. Thank you for articulating all that so beautifully and sprinkling in your usual sweet compliments along the way. I especially love where you describe her feelings as spilling over outside that submissive box. Collared or not, she's his, all in! Hope you found the mister...give him a big smoocheroo from me!

  19. Born,

    This was a fun chapter to read. They were playful during their scene and the tone was different and more lighthearted. The pictures were the perfect way for Master to get his point across and I'm glad that she was the one to point out the perfect picture. She finally gets it, I think!

    1. Jayme,
      Every scene (should) take her closer to that ideal. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, nor would it be much fun if it were. But these two know how to get to the heart of the matter together. Thanks for your support.

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    i love love how the picture taking made her see how edward sees her though. that was super beautiful.

    as always, your update gave me a lot to think about and i love that- thats why i love reading fanfic so much. and yours is in my all-time Top 3.. ;)

    1. You reviews in the brief moment I had my own home made banner up! Yes, it was that smothering, she on her stomach though!

      Those pictures are never going anywhere, but she doesn't know that with the degree of certainty I do, so you're right, that's where the trust comes in.

      Thank you for your lovely compliments, as always, Digi.

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    1. Oh, you are wise to keep that omission of hers in your head!

      I truly appreciate your lovely compliments.

  24. Born:

    This scene for me seems to harken all the way back to the beginning of Once Upon A Desire, when Edward first stumbled on to Isabella's hidden desires. If I am not mistaken, she had been viewing pictures of submissives, and even though she had attempted to erase the browsing history, of course Edward was able to retrace her steps.

    So, if this is not stretching or over thinking on my part, quite the ingenious scene crafted by Edward to subtlely remind Isabella of her first inclinations towards submissiveness, but also to guide her to the place where she can let go of some of her inhabitions with regard to "normal and acceptable" behvior, and help Isabella to embrace that what she really desires--to give herself fully and completely to Edward without getting into the head space of, "Is this appropriate?" "Is this acceptable behavior?"

    The section of this chapter that truly stands out for me is, of course, when Edward recreates the the picture in book of the submissive lookig lovingly and longingly at the Dom. It is obvious with Edward's gentle guidance, he was able to recreate that picture, but instead of his simply being a picture in a book, he was able to achieve that same pose with Isabella. I guess this is somewhat of a turning point for her, she was able to express with a look just what she feels and what she wants to give Edward--giving her total trust, being willing to submit to his demands, his desires, his wants, but all the while knowing that what she is offering him his truly appreciated, welcomed, and not taken for granted. To me it seem that what he captured in that pose said it all--total trust and devotion. Your words captured that pose beautifully!

    It seems that everytime Isabella "stays out of her headspace" and she frees herself from trying to anticipate what is to come, thus enabling Edward to guide the scene to to achieve just what Isabella has been journaling about. How to fully embrace and fulfil her vows of the sub. The way he crafted the photo session, it's Isabella starring in Edward's own version of a porn movie. Again, I just loved when the two of them spoke of the pose when she is gazing at Edward, and he is finally able to convince her that the love, trust and surrender that she she's on her face in those shots, is what Edward has been seeing from the beginning of her journey. She does she herself as worthy, and possibly this photo session is the only way he could convince her that this is indeed what she conveys to him each time she gives her gift of submission.

    Truly a wonderful chapter.

    1. YES, Claudia. You are so right. Edward is using this scene to help illustrate for Bella that she's holding herself to a double standard--while she sees the submission of OTHERS as beautiful and pure, she still doesn't see herself through the same lens. Master is helping, pushing her just a bit, so she can get there. Thank you for giving each chapter so much thought and consideration.

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    1. Not too much chatter in the patch about this story right now, should be safe. Happy you discerned all that from the chapter. Her Master is smitten and yes, full of respect. Now she really sees that, too.

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      Thank you for keeping it real.

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