Friday, September 28, 2012


~Chapter 80~

Tucked into the back of the taxi, Isabella waits on pins and needles, her lower lip between her teeth.

“He knows all about you.”

She gasps.

“About us,” I amend. “He knows that you’re my collared sub and my girlfriend, and he knows we’re playing tonight.”

“Oh my God! I get to meet my Master’s Master!” She’s definitely anxious, but I’d say her overriding emotion is clearly exhilaration.

Calmly, I push ahead. “He has agreed to my guidelines. Marcus will not address you directly, nor will he touch you. Do you understand?”

“Marcus,” she repeats the unfamiliar name. “Yes.”

“You will address him as ‘Sir’ and you will address me as ‘Mr. Cullen’ once we get inside. Is that understood?”


“You will follow my commands without wavering, and you will trust me without hesitation.”

“Of course.”

“Your safeword for tonight is ‘radish’. Just blurt it out or use it in a sentence; I don’t care. I promise to stop immediately and check in with you privately. Got it?”

“Yes. Radish,” she repeats, as we pull up to the distinctive striped awning.

“Here we go, princess,” I say to my beautiful, nervous girl, slipping my wallet back into my pocket before offering her my hand up onto the sidewalk.

She takes a deep shuddering breath and runs an anxious hand through her hair. She subconsciously adjusts her bracelet, running the tip of her finger over the field of black sapphires. I revel in the private knowledge that only the two of us share: only the briefest, most elegant lingerie supports her breasts and her vertical stripe fishnet stockings.

No, there’s no doubt that she belongs to me exclusively, and I itch with anticipation to show her off tonight.

“Mr. Cullen” laces his fingers through mine as the heavy doors open before us. He strides confidently inside, and I attempt to match his enthusiasm, though I am a bundle of jangly nerves. I know how much this Marcus means to my Master, and I ache to make him proud of me.

“Cullen for three,” he informs the hostess, who smiles brilliantly and says, “Yes, sir, your party is at the bar. Just let me know when you’re ready to be seated. We’ve reserved the corner table for you.”

Corner table…? Eeeep! Don’t think, Bella.

Master takes off with a half-skip and pulls me along toward the impressive hunk of beefcake setting down his highball glass and turning our direction. I finally put a face and body to the fantasies. So this is the man.

Late fifties, I’d judge, impressive head of dark hair offset by a distinguished smattering of silver at the temples, deep oceans for eyes, Marcus might’ve stepped out of the pages of Esquire in his grey silk turtleneck and slim-fitting black wool jacket. His eyes crinkle at the corners as his lips curl upwards into a genuinely delighted smile—the smile of a proud teacher toward his successful protégé.

“Edward,” he says, his deep voice oozing warmth and joy. Master steps into his open arms, not letting go of my hand. Marcus manages to take Master into his embrace, and the two exchange boisterous back slaps.

“Damn, Edward, you are looking good. Did you come here to tease an old man?”

Master chuckles at what seems to be familiar ribbing. “You’re not looking too bad yourself, gramps. But no, I came here to show off my girl. Marcus, meet Isabella.”

Suddenly, all four eyes are on me.

“Very nice to meet you, Sir.”

I watch nervously as the appraising gaze of Master’s guru ticks slowly down my body.  I feel every bit the prize livestock vying for the blue ribbon at the county fair. When he gets down to the four-inch heels of my leather boots, he whistles and turns to Master.  Clapping him on the shoulder, Marcus says, “Wow. You were not exaggerating. She is spectacular.”

Master turns proudly to me, and I remind myself that Marcus will not address me directly. This is going to take some getting used to.

“Wait till you see her in action,” Master winks, sending a cold shiver down my spine.

“Can I buy you two a drink?” Marcus offers.

“Sure, one drink will be okay,” Master answers smoothly. “Dirty martini for my dirty girl, and I’ll have a Grey Goose, straight up, lime twist.”

Marcus engages the bartender and Master pulls me in for a kiss. He moves his mouth to my ear and whispers, “I told you he’d love you, baby.”

I’m the toy he’s brought to school for his turn at Show-and-Tell. Question is, how much will be shown and told?

“Right this way, sir,” the hostess leads us through the cavernous restaurant.  After passing through the main dining room, we find ourselves in a slightly smaller side room, with maybe twelve tables, all filled with animated diners.

“Miss?” the hostess addresses Isabella, sliding out one of the heavy upholstered chairs. She begins to sit, when I interject, “No, the lady will sit right here.”

“Of course, sir,” says the hostess deferentially. Isabella moves into the chair I’ve selected facing the corner and I push her in.

“You’ll have fewer distractions this way,” I announce, bringing a bright pink glow to her cheeks. Marcus sits to her left and I sit to her right, arranged so both of us can closely monitor the room.

Just as the hostess begins to offer the opened tri-fold menu for Isabella, I abruptly interrupt.

“She doesn’t need that.” The now befuddled hostess promptly draws the heavy leather folio back and looks at Isabella with mild concern. Isabella smiles sweetly. The hostess mumbles, “Your server will be over shortly,” and hastens to turn tail and leave.

“No collar?” Marcus observes.

“Show him your bracelet, sweetheart.”

Isabella places her wrist on the table. Marcus looks, but he doesn’t touch. A broad grin seeps across his features. “You always were a classy guy, Edward.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all your former trainees.”

Marcus chuckles. “Hell no, I do not. The kid I’m working with right now has one of the foulest mouths I’ve ever heard. Practically sprained my wrist working that one’s back side last week!”

Isabella’s eyes widen and I chuckle softly into my napkin before spreading it over my lap. The server makes his appearance, drops off the bread basket with a trio of dipping sauces, and rattles off the night’s specials. Isabella perks up when braised lamb shanks are mentioned.

“Can I get you another round of drinks here?”

“Marcus?” I inquire.

“No, I’m good.”

“We’re all good,” I respond for Isabella and myself, dismissing the server.

“You know, Edward, there are plenty of excellent training techniques to combat that slouch.”

I sense Isabella straightening in her seat. No doubt she’s blushing furiously as well. “It’s been a challenge. I’m considering a bondage sleeve at this point.”

Marcus splits apart a warm roll and dips the edge into the seasoned oil. “If it’s a persistent problem, there are more effective methods.” Marcus gets that self-satisfied grin, and his eyes contain a question mark. How far do you want me to take this?

I regard my submissive girl, who is now putting forth her best posture for us; shoulders back, tits forward, chin high.

I offer, “She’s not fond of the correction, are you, princess? Why don’t you tell Marcus how I like to reinforce good posture?”

She hesitates for just the briefest moment. “He lifts my hands to the back of my neck and spreads my elbows wide apart.”

“And?” I prompt.

“Mr. Cullen ties my elbows back with rope so that I don’t forget myself again.”

“Hmm,” Marcus replies. “If I wanted to extinguish the behavior, I’d opt for an instant feedback loop. I assume nipple clamps are an option?”

“Of course,” I answer quickly, flashing a knowing grin at Isabella, whose fresh embarrassment causes an awakening inside my boxers.

“Good, then this is an easy fix,” Marcus continues, pulling out a pen and a business card from his inside jacket pocket.  He draws a diagram of a complicated rig with clamps and spreader bars and thin wire. I watch the evil genius at work, eager as ever to learn from my old Master.

Watch this, he scrawls next to the picture, before handing me the card.

“Once you get her properly trussed up, one hunch of the shoulders ought to fix her. If she’s particularly stubborn, it might take two.”

I sneak a peek at Isabella’s heated response and shake my head in awe. “Instructive as ever.” I break off the tip of a breadstick and pop it into my mouth. “Mmm, salty. Here, sweetheart. You’ll like this.” She opens her mouth obediently. I push the end of the breadstick in and let go, leaving her one beat longer than comfortable with the thin protrusion coming from her mouth.

“You can use your hands.” She gratefully pulls the food from her mouth and reaches for her water glass.

“Sweetheart,” I direct her, easily loud enough for him to hear, “tell Marcus what you’re wearing under your clothes.

She flushes but turns to him and answers, “A bra and garter belt, Sir.”

“Hmmm,” Marcus addresses me. “I thought this one was a writer.”

From the look of mortification on her face, she seems to be wondering if I’ve actually shown Marcus her stories. “Isabella, help our friend visualize exactly what’s going on below the silk and leather.”

She blushes deeper as I knew she would. “Sir, I’m wearing a lace bra the color of ripe cherries and a floral garter belt to match. My fishnet stockings are held up by four sets of crystal clips with red elastic bands.”

He smiles at her but addresses me, “Well that certainly sounds promising. She’s not wearing any panties then?”

“Not a stitch. And… she’s about to spread her legs for me.”

Master has just given me a direct order, and he turns to watch me obey, though there’s nothing much to see above the line of the table, other than the fact that my cheeks are practically on fire at this point.

Thankfully, the white tablecloth reaches to the floor, and I’m realizing this was no accident. There must be a special Zagat Restaurant Guide For Doms with ratings on a scale only they could appreciate. Service: wait staff to provide additional humiliation; décor: privacy of under-table areas; food: ample selection of mouthwatering dishes to deny your submissive.

“You don’t need to check?” Marcus queries.

“Oh no. Isabella never fails to spread her legs. Tell Marcus why, sweetheart.”

Hesitation will get me nowhere good. “It shows Mr. Cullen I’m eager for him.”

Marcus smirks and nods approvingly to Master.

“Thirsty, sweetheart?” Master’s comment might sound like a question, but the three of us are crystal clear on the command. I lift my water glass, consoling myself he’s not necessarily going “there.” Most likely, he’s just looking to counter the dehydrating effects of the drink I guzzled at the bar. 

Not that I could be sitting here calmly between these two sexual dynamos with such a charged past without the slightly slackened inhibitions of said guzzled drink.

I know it’s wrong on so many levels…I know I shouldn’t…and if only Master would divulge even a snippet of his time spent learning at Marcus’s boots, I wouldn’t have to create my own vivid fantasies starring my very own, gloriously naked, blindfolded, perfectly aroused, helplessly chained Master down on his knees, with this intimidating man demanding—

“Princess, my napkin?”

Oh, crap. I’ve floated and missed Master’s cue.

“Sorry, M—Mr. Cullen,” I say, hastily jumping out of my chair and retrieving his napkin for him, squeezing my thighs together tightly as I bend my knees so as not to flash the entire side of the restaurant. Instead of taking it from me, he lifts his hands out of the way and I refold the rectangle and slide it onto his lap. Seconds later, Marcus “drops” his napkin to the floor and regards Master expectantly.

Oh my God. I’m the ball girl!

I jump from my perch and retrieve Marcus’s napkin. I feel his eyes on me, and for all my thigh clenching, I am wet. Servicing another man for Master, even in this relatively innocent manner, feels foreign and exciting. Without the physical barrier offered by the chat room, I’m trusting even more heavily in Master’s command of the situation and Marcus’s integrity.

Following protocol, I replace Marcus’s napkin without touching him.

“So, as I was saying…” Master begins, then slides his elbow along the table, “accidentally” knocking his spoon to the floor. “Oh, darn.”

I scurry from my seat around to his right side and pick up the spoon.

“Knee,” Master commands on my way down, forcing me to remain on one knee at his side, where Marcus would be unable to share the view. My skirt is a useless band of material stretched too far up my leg to cover the wide opening between my legs. Master leers appreciatively for a few beats before helping me up.

I hate the idea of returning this dirty spoon to Master’s place, so I slip it next to my plate and give him my own.

“Nice,” Marcus comments. “What happens when she runs out of silverware?” He pushes his fork off and I trade him for mine. I’m practically out of breath when the server comes back to take our order.

“And what can I get for the lady?”

“She’ll have the lamb shanks,” Master interjects.

Our server regards me briefly before recording the order. “And for you, sir?”

“I’ll have the Porterhouse, medium rare, and we’ll need two more place settings. I apologize. She’s quite clumsy.”

Marcus stifles a laugh, then places his order. The server seems relieved to be done with us, but Master calls him back. “More water for the lady, please.”


“Isabella, remind me, what color was that last stoplight we saw on the way here?”

“Green, Mr. Cullen,” I answer immediately. Green, yes-and-more-please, green, please-don’t-stop, green!

If she’d hesitated for even a second before saying green, I’d have saved this for another day.

“You know, Marcus,” I exaggerate waving my fork, “I was just thinking…” and my hands disappear under the tablecloth.

I don’t love exposing myself to the harsh teeth of my zipper, but the prize is worth it. Readied for her, I place the fork delicately between my legs. I don’t want her to miss what I’ve got waiting for her, but I also don’t want to impale myself on the sharp tines.

“Shoot. I just cannot seem to hold onto my utensils today.” I shrug pointedly at Isabella, and she slips dutifully below the table. I hold myself out to her, the signal unmistakable. Isabella does not disappoint, or even hesitate. I can’t help my smug grin as she latches on to me. I run my fingers tenderly through her hair, another message she is sure to receive: Beautifully done and thank you most kindly, princess.

“Jesus,” Marcus whispers incredulously, leaning across the table, “Is she blowing you?”


“God, what a pervert you are.”

I have to laugh. “Look who’s talking.”

Impatient with my proprietary behavior, he barks out, “Get her back up here.” He wouldn’t be saying that if her lips were sealed around his cock. Spoiled sport.

“Fuck, you used to be way more fun.” I hook my thumb into Isabella’s mouth and she returns to her chair while I stuff my engorged cock painfully back into place.

“Moving on…” Marcus says, shaking his head at my antics. “Tell me, Edward, what’s been your biggest challenge?”

I regard Isabella’s flushed, fresh-off-my-cock face and she seems curious but not anxious over what I might reveal. Perfect.

“Look at her, Marcus. Sometimes, I just get carried away.”

Isabella smiles gloriously at me.

Marcus shakes his head and chuckles, “Control was never really your best thing, my friend.”

Isabella coughs suddenly and I give Marcus an accusatory stare. “Now look what you’ve done. Here, sweetie, finish your water.” This will be her third glass and she’ll be getting fairly desperate very soon. Because I’m an evil bastard, I slip my full glass next to her plate while she finishes the one in her hand.

She must be thinking anything but gracious thoughts, but she very sweetly thanks Mr. Cullen.

Our food arrives, and I slice into my steak and place the juicy meat onto my tongue.  The earthy aroma of the lamb tempts her, but she knows full well to wait for my signal before lifting her fork.

“After you finish that water, you may eat.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen,” she forces out with a smile. I notice it takes her a little longer to get this one down, and if I were to look carefully, I could probably make out the water level rising behind her eyeballs.

Marcus chuckles and shakes his head. “So cruel.”

“Learned from the Master,” I retort proudly.

“So what would you say is her best quality?”

“Easy,” I answer him. “She is the most eager beaver one could ever hope to collar.”


He elaborates. Awesome.

“I’m telling you, Marcus, this girl is ready, 24/7. I can wake her from a sound sleep and she’s dripping for me.”

“How nice for you.” Marcus grins. “I believe you know my stance on dry pussies and flaccid cocks.”

“Yes, I recall,” Master answers darkly, rolling a large piece of meat into his mouth.

Oh my God. I feel as though I’ve entered an alternate universe. Seriously, the room is starting to spin. Sure, that might be all the water I’ve consumed on top of my cocktail. But more likely, it’s the domfest taking place at this table, with me the token submissive.

Master turns to me. “Isabella.” Holy hell, it’s showtime.

“Yes, Mr. Cullen?”

“You’re wet right now, am I right?”

“Of course, Mr. Cullen.” And now, wetter still, thank you so very much.

“Ask Marcus if he’d like to see evidence.”


I turn to Marcus, who’s watching me expectantly. “Sir, may I please show you that I’m eager for Mr. Cullen?”

“Day-ummm, Edward! You finally found a girl with a vocabulary!”

“Told ya,” Master answers with a proud nod.

“Yes,” Marcus replies casually, as if he hasn’t just virtually dragged his fingers through my otherwise private parts. “I’d love to see that.”

The two of them continue to cut their food, chew, and even swallow, but every ounce of their attention is focused on me. As they await my compliance, I search the table desperately for the proper implement. The knife catches my eye, sleek and steely. I slide it furtively beneath the tablecloth.

“I want to hear about it,” Marcus prompts Master.

“Isabella, tell Marcus how it makes you feel to slide an eating utensil between your legs at this elegant restaurant, while people all around you are dressed in their finest clothes and enjoying gracious service and gourmet food.”

Marcus rolls his eyes. “I was imagining something less Village Voice restaurant review and more, ‘How does it feel to be playing with your pussy under the table?’…but I suppose that’ll do.”

Gahh, the way these two bat about the word ‘pussy’ the way normal guys would toss out stock prices or sports statistics!

I turn to Marcus as the blunt end of the knife reaches my wet slit. “Sir, the knife feels cold and hard inside my soft body.”

Master places his hand on my inner thigh and squeezes. “Use your proper words, princess,” he warns.

“Inside my soft… pussy,” I whisper. Master slides his hand further up my leg, pinching my flesh while I twist and pump the knife handle.

“You’re not letting her get off right now, are you?” Marcus asks in a severe tone.

“Of course not.” Master says, “Show him.”

I draw the knife out carefully, and hold the glistening handle up for his inspection.

He takes the knife out of my hand and brings it directly to his nose.  “She is impressive.”

HOLY SHIT! Did he just inhale my pussy juice at the dinner table?

Master laughs and shakes his head.

I seriously need to mop up below. Not to mention the fact that my bladder has now decided to get in on the act, and the challenge of containing myself between these two—without panties, no less—is an increasingly dangerous proposition.

“Excuse me, Mr. Cullen.”

“Yes, what is it, princess?”

“May I go to the bathroom?”

“You mean, you just want to walk over there to the door and come back?” he challenges lightly.

“No, I mean I need to go inside, please.”

I see Marcus shift in my peripheral vision. Master narrows his eyes. Uh-oh.

“I’m surprised at you, girl. You know how to ask properly.”

His tone is worrisome. “I’m sorry, Mr. Cullen. May I use the toilet please?”

There’s an awful moment of silence where he doesn’t answer, and my heart jumps to my throat.


I stifle my gasp. Master has never denied this request before. Either he’s feeling especially cruel or I’ve really pissed him off.  Either way, I have to deliver the disappointing news to my bladder that it’s not getting emptied any time soon. I do my best to clench muscles that are easier clenched when not gaping widely open.

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen,” I say with a forced smile, straightening in my chair and redoubling my efforts to please him.

“I apologize, Marcus,” Master says, making me feel a million times worse.

“Edward, with your permission,” Marcus starts quietly, dabbing his mouth and setting his napkin next to his plate, “I’d like to take Isabella to the bathroom.”

From Master’s expression, I can tell they did not discuss this earlier, and I’m prepared to hear his refusal. Master regards his mentor and measures his offer. There’s an entire conversation that takes place between their eyes that I cannot begin to understand, nor is it my place.

Master nods his assent to Marcus. My stomach plummets to the floor.

Eyes back on his steak, Master calmly says, "Go with Marcus," as if he didn't just give this stranger carte-blanche to do God-knows-what with me in the Ladies' Room.

I don't know this Master.

I vaguely notice Marcus shuffle to his feet, and I have the sense that I am expected to do the same. But I can’t. I’m locked in place. My bladder problems fade to the background as a new kind of fear grips me.

“Izz…a…bella,” Master forces out through clenched teeth, his reddening face still locked on Marcus.

My blood runs cold. Is he so angry that he’s willing to lend me out to another man?

Isabella doesn’t understand that Marcus has just offered me a way to allow her a trip to the bathroom, which she so clearly requires, despite her errors. I trust him implicitly, and I know that our rules will still guide his actions. He won’t allow any harm to come to her, and he won’t touch her.

I turn my head, afraid of what I might see. Sure enough, Bella’s lower lip has disappeared between her teeth, and I’d lay odds she’s about to start quaking. Yep, here it comes. Shit.

“Isabella, look at me, please.” I speak firmly, but more gently than before.

She turns doleful eyes my direction. She knows she’s let me down, but from what I can tell, she believes I’ve just betrayed one of her hard limits, and that is the worst possible place she can be. Anxious to put an urgent end to this, but allowing her to control the safe word this time, I offer, “How do you feel about those bitter, red, hard balls they cut up and put on salads?” 

“I…HATE…radishes, Mr. Cullen.” Her voice is measured and controlled and scared and angry.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Excuse us, please, Marcus?”

“Of course. I really am going to the bathroom. Take your time,” he says evenly before slipping away from the table.

“Talk to me, Isabella. No ‘Mr. Cullen.’ No ‘Master.’”

Her eyes brim with tears but she doesn’t seek physical comfort. “I know I messed up, but were you really going to send me off and let him have his way with me?”

The tears overflow and her beautiful face is marred by sadness.

I shift my body closer to hers and though it kills me, I honor her need for space. I settle for touching my knees to hers and bending forward onto my elbows. “Of course not, sweetheart. Marcus would never have touched you. There was no ‘having his way with you’ in the deal.”

“But you gave him permission!”

“Just to walk you to the bathroom. So that you could go, even though you messed up the protocol.”

“I don’t understand,” she sobs, swiping the back of her hand across her cheeks. “Why was it okay for me to go with him when I couldn’t go alone?”

I offer her my hand, palm up, hoping she’ll take hold. Reluctantly, she does. My eyes follow Marcus across the room, and my lips curl up involuntarily. “Marcus would’ve found a way…something totally acceptable to all of us…for you to make it up to me. By serving me through him.”

“Serving him? I don’t understand.”

“Well, we can ask him what he had in mind when he returns.” I feel myself flinch when I add, “He can be very creative.”

She mops up her face with her napkin. “Don’t talk like that and not expect me to conjure up all kinds of scenes between the two of you.” A brave little smile breaks through.

My own tension eases when I see that she’s relaxing again. “Conjure away, sweetheart. It’s all good.”

“I really need to pee. Do you think you could come up with a way I could…just service you?”

“Sure. Come on.” Our hands are still clasped together, and we walk together to the Ladies’ Room door. “Okay, go in there and remove your bra. I will meet you back at the table, where the scene will resume. You will pass your bra to Marcus under the table, and all will be forgiven.”

“Thank you, Mister Masterward Cullen Velvet Prince Santa.”

I feel her lips curl into a smile while she’s kissing me. Not the most romantic spot in the place, but it works.

I push open the Men’s Room door and Marcus is just zipping up. “Everything back to good?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. Just a little misunderstanding.”

He crosses his arms. “I hope I didn’t make matters worse for you, Edward.”

I unzip, and I see his eyes drift downward. I try to pretend it doesn’t affect me. I turn my focus to the urinal wall. “I understood what you were trying to do, Marcus. Thanks for that. I’ve explained it to Isabella.”

“I meant what I said, Edward. She is spectacular. It warms my heart to see that you’ve found someone so obviously perfect for you. She’s a lovely sub. But she’s certainly no pushover.”

I chuckle. “No.”

“You haven’t told her yet, have you?”

“No. I was waiting to see if you two had chemistry.”

He looks amused. “And…?”

“I suppose I can feel a bit of a seismic rumble."

Now, he laughs out loud. “Not sure you can attribute that to me, pal. I see the way she leans into your words and soaks up your praise. It’s really beautiful to behold.”

It’s getting a bit awkward having this conversation with my willy hanging between the two of us, semi-stiff and all. I shift my shoulders away from Marcus, hoping maybe he’ll take the hint and leave me to pee in peace.

“Yeah, well, you missed the part where she accused me of sending her off to be mauled by the likes of you.”

“Ouch,” he flinches for both of us. “Hmm, perhaps you’ll want to give it a little time then?”

I sigh, loudly. Speaking of time…

“Hey listen, could you…um…y’know?” I tip my chin toward the sink area.

“Seriously? You’ve still got it bad for me, don’t you, kid?”

“What can I say?”

“All right,” he says with a cocky grin. “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

“Oh,” I call over my shoulder as the pee finally starts to flow. “Isabella is going to give you something at the table.”


“I want it back at the end of dinner.”

“Business is good then?” Master observes appreciatively, as Marcus closes the leather folio around his Amex black card.

“Can’t complain,” he answers. “I’ve got a steady group of doms who hire me to break the bad habits they themselves have created. The subs are brats who have either been getting away with topping from the bottom or they’re pain sluts who draw punishments because it’s the only way to get their needs met.” 

Marcus sighs a weary, tired sigh. “If any of those doms had come to me the way you did, they wouldn’t be paying for your dinner right now. I’d take another one like you over the lot of them any day.”

“I love you, too,” Master grins, accepting the compliment. “Thank you, Marcus. This was most generous of you,” Master says.

“Yes, thank you for dinner, Sir. It was delicious.”

Marcus chuckles. “She didn’t even eat, poor thing. Oh, and here, Edward. I wouldn’t want to break up the matched set.”

Master smirks and places his hand face-up in the center of the table, and Marcus sets my carefully folded bra into his palm.

“Mr. Cullen,” I venture, “Would you mind asking Sir about that thing we were discussing earlier?”

Master smiles and asks, “We’d like to know what your bathroom escort would’ve entailed.”

Marcus grins knowingly. “Sure. I was going to allow Isabella to use the Ladies’ Room first and then wait outside the Men’s Room door for me.”

“That’s it?” Master asks, cocking his head in disbelief.

“Well,” Marcus smirks, “I would’ve let her know that I was planning to give myself a very thorough hand job in her honor while I was in there.”

“And were you?” Master asks.

“Oh I absolutely would’ve done it. I just can’t guarantee that every thought would’ve been spent on your sub.” Marcus winks at Master, who shakes his head. But I can tell he’s pleased.

“Isabella will be sending you a copy of her submissive journal reflection of tonight’s events,” he promises Marcus, whose warm eyes dance over my face.

“I will be delighted to receive it,” he tells Master. “That will provide at least some measure of compensation for having to return her lingerie.”

We all move to the door and coats are donned. “You take care of this beautiful girl, or I will personally come back and kick your ass and greatly enjoying myself in doing so.” He punctuates his promise with a stern finger point. “And you know that’s not an idle threat.”

“Yes, Sir,” my Master answers in a clipped voice, sending a chill down my spine. 

The men hug once more, while Master holds me protectively behind him. I catch Marcus in a rare, unguarded moment as he closes his eyes and places a kiss on Master’s cheek.  I have always known about the strong bond between the two men, but until this moment, I did not fully appreciate Marcus’s restrained attraction. He opens his eyes and catches me staring. He opens his eyes and catches me staring. Rewarding me with an affectionate smile and a wink, he understands I will keep his secret.

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  1. Oh I just loved this meeting with Marcus! You captured the intensity and anticipation between the characters beautifully. Gotta say, I loved Marcus' response to Bella, and boy he still has a soft spot for Edward. Master kept a tight reign on everything, and even when Bella safeworded, he had the perfect solution. Loved :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Great to hear you enjoyed this one.

  2. Oh man. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole Marcus joining the scene thing, but it certainly was intense! I'm glad that the safeword thing worked out with little fuss. Can't wait to see the analysis conversation between these two after they get home!

    1. Master promised intense mental glad you felt he delivered! Thanks.

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    He's so proud of her, wanting to show her off.
    Loved the analogy "prize livestock, vying for the blue ribbon", so true.
    I didn't realise Princess slouched anymore, I kinda thought she fixed that problem. You'd think she would've been more alert here with Marcus at the table as well. (LOL on him drawing him some diagrams though).
    Oh and Princess' mind was fabulous with her fantasies of Master and Marcus.
    The BJ under the table was hot, I was surprised Marcus stopped it, just wanting to show his dominance over dinner. Which he continues to do, including smelling her arousal.
    So the toilet issue. I was right alongside Princess, I know Master told her the rules in the beginning, but Marcus seemed to wield a lot of power over dinner and I believe she was being offered to him as well. Then to see Master get so angry with her was hand to read. I'm glad he gave her the opportunity to safe word and she took it, she was so upset though, it was heartbreaking, even though Master sorted it out.
    The bathroom scene with Marcus and Edward was kinda weird and Edward felt it too.
    LOL on what Marcus and his hand job, I bet he would have been thinking more about Edward than Isabella.

    Even though I enjoyed reading this chapter, it came with apprehension.
    I felt Master was different with Marcus in the room.
    It makes me sad that Princess was so upset she had to safeword.
    Marcus was different than I thought he would be, he was so much more dominant in this setting than I expected, as I saw him as more of an observer tonight, he certainly changed the dynamic. While it certainly got Princess all hot and bothered at times, it also brought her down.
    Even at the end demanding that Edward look after this beautiful girl, as if he wouldn't.
    So it will be interesting to see where you take them next.
    As far as the Marcus mentoring role, what is he going to offer Isabella, he is so dominant, that his corrections seemed harsh.

    Thanks Born. Though this has made me want some sweet Edward/Isabella loving. Though I am sure Master will satisfy Princess, and he must truly be chomping at the bit for some action after only a partial BJ. xxx

    1. Whiti, Thank you for the thoughtful review. I agree with Marcus's motivation for stopping the bj. That was the moment he asserted his dominance over E. I also agree her failure was heartbreaking. She got confused about her role in the scene. All she has to do is obey, but she shied away from using the right words and then she lost faith in her Master.

      I wouldn't see the safewording as a failure, necessarily. It's okay to safely push at boundaries, and good to stop things when they get uncomfortable. Edward is human, and he's always going to be different around others, Marcus in particular. I don't think it was Marcus who brought her down, but her failure to trust her Master. Marcus as mentor will not be the dom you saw here. They'd be on more equal footing and everyone would understand the rules ahead of time. We're still in Master mode for the overnight, but maybe there's some sweet to be had?

      You're the best, Whiti. Thank you!

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    I can't blame Bella for how she felt. I know Edward told her that Marcus wouldn't touch her but she said she could tell that he and Marcus hadn't discussed this earlier and I can see how she thought things may have changed. I'm glad they were able to discuss it and fix it.

    Maybe Marcus could have a dream about the three of them doing a scene together, and maybe you can write about it! Yes! Best idea I ever had, right?

    1. That would be a great outtake!

    2. You've had lots of great ideas, Jayme...don't sell yourself short! But's a lovely one. Thanks for letting the characters be human for you. As much as Bella has progressed and Master wants to be fully in control, you throw in a wild card like the dom's DOM and you have yourself a whole new ball of wax. Oh sorry, that was a different chapter! Love your insights, as always.xx

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    You also did a great job expressing the tension Bella was feeling throughout dinner. Hell, even I got nervous when Marcus offered to escort her to the bathroom. Regardless of the agreement the two men had, Bella has no way of knowing, and no way of trusting, that either of them would change their minds. She really believed that Master had given Marcus free rein over her with that silent little conversation the two men shared at the table. (I have to tell you, I still don't understand what crime Bella committed when she asked to use the bathroom. Why did Master get upset? Was it the way she asked? Was it specific words she used?)
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    1. I'm with Wordluvr on this; what did Isabella do wrong in asking her permission? And why did Master basically force her into it? Poor girl never got to eat the delicious lamb that Master ordered her, cause she was still sloshy. I do like Marcus, even with him showing his feelings for Edward rather openly. The misunderstanding was sad, but I am really glad she radished, even if she had to be given the invitation to do so. I beg you to enlighten me, unless Princess' journal entry will answer these questions, in which case I will patiently wait.

    2. She asked to "go to the bathroom" not "use the toilet". That lack of detail will get you a paddling!

    3. Well, Word, Bella has the best POSSIBLE way of knowing and trusting...KNOWING AND TRUSTING! Easier said than done, even with a bond as strong as theirs. This stuff is HARD! She faltered. Check back to chapter 42 for the proper protocol. She was supposed to ask to use the toilet, but she backed off. Bad girl. Thank you for your insights and for engaging so thoroughly with the chapter.

      Gumi ^^...Lila's got it. Bella was too cautious and not trusting. A normal mistake that Master took care of swiftly.

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    1. Hmm, painful, awkward and creepy. And this from one of my loyals! ;) It's hard to feel comfortable and affectionate with a dom you've just met who's got your own Master kind of wrapped around his finger. I like the way you worded your expectations about the journal. What were the benefits? Thanks, ick!

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    I think she did amazing! The knife demo, wow! Very creative! She is truly committed to serving and pleasing master, regardless of her nervous energy.
    I think Marcus was blown away, but not in the same way of her master :)
    I hope Isabella feels more comfortable with Marcus to consider the mentoring.
    I giggled quite a few times at the banter and exposure!
    Amazing B!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. So happy you enjoyed the scene.

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    1. Thanks for your sweet note. There's no end in sight...(whoever you are)

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    I'll send you a more elaborate review on FF, but for now I'll just talk about the safeword moment. I was a little surprised when Isabella got so upset when Edward agreed to let Marcus take her to the bathroom.. I mean I guess I understand she was certainly in a situation of seriously heightened emotion and maybe she wasnt thinking completely straight when faced with the fact that she had disappointed her Master, but he told her in no uncertain terms before they met up with Marcus that he would not be touching her.... and seriously after all the things E made her say for Marcus's benefit, I was surprised she hesitated to ask for the restroom in the proper way... or maybe she just forgot... ???

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    I LOVED this chapter! Marcus gives me the most delicious shivers.. even though the safeword part was a little uncomfortable to read, it was real. they dealt with it quickly and moved on. and it was beautiful.

    and don't think i forgot about those cuffs sitting on the table back at home!!!

    1. The safeword moment. She hesitated there in public, in front of Master's Master. it's not easy putting yourself out there, and she just couldn't do it right then. And then, once she'd made the mistake, she just got more and more flustered and upset. Human.

      Hmmm, typo you say? *grins* Thanks for the eagle eye. You're right, I fixed it now.

      Mmhmmm, those cuffs. ;)

  10. It has been almost as interesting to read the reviews as it was the chapter. I thought Bella had a slight breakdown of trust when it came to master's request to have Marcus accompany her to the restroom. But I could feel how intimidated she was both by Marcus and his past involvement with Edward. She sees him as the Master of the Master! I think this dinner will open up all sorts of new areas of discussion for these two. It's amazing that no matter how intimate they are, they can still surprise each other!

    1. i totally agree with you about bella's slight trust breakdown, AND how intimidated she must have been by both of them! the Master of the Master, indeed!!

      and i'm totally enjoying reading the reviews too! haha

    2. We LOVE surprising you guys! I think the breakdown of trust was to be expected here. Bella's awesome, but this WAS intimidating! This stuff is really hard, and she is not going to be perfect every time.

      Thanks for your insights! xx

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    I do hold out hope that they can work through her trust issues in that respect and meet up with Marcus again in the not too distant future. I like him. A lot!


    1. Thank you, Lisa. Happy to know you're enjoying the story, especially the Marcus interactions. She didn't need to know anything beyond trusting her Master and using the protocols they'd practiced at least 5 scenes before this one. She was intimidated and nervous and embarrassed and she backed away from doing what she knew was expected of her. Luckily, her Master handled things! Thank you for your sweet compliments. xx

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    1. Thanks for the lovely imagery. Only problem is that Edward has no desire to serve Marcus, and really, he never did. But...I may have something else up my sleeve.

      For the very distant future! xx

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    I am sure Bella will be over the moon when she knows he could be her mentor.

    1. Marcus is evil BUT compassionate, and it's interesting to think about how her scene with Marcus as her mentor might go. In fact, I've spent loads of time thinking about it already! ;)

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    But... I worried on 2 things.. one.. Bella didn't implicitly trust her Master.... I wonder why she didn't trust that Master knew that Marcus wouldn't step over the line?
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    As usual.. you have me squirming in my seat and... wishing i was there in the scene...



    1. Bella trusted BUT she got nervous. This ain't easy, Witchy. And I think the same thing happened with the safe word. You're right, it's an issue for her. Perhaps one a mentor might help with? She should be safewording on her own and not worrying about the consequences when she's in trouble.

      Thanks for your sweet review. xx

  16. Aww. I think I love Marcus. I would really love to see him interact with E and I in a vanilla setting, but I suppose he'll have time for that if he becomes Isabella's mentor. I'm anxious for their chat about this scene. I'd kinda like to be in Edward's head to know if he blames himself for their misunderstanding, or if he just assumed that there would be a slip up at some point during the night. I'm so proud of Isabella. She really hasn't lost herself in all this, and Edward definitely wasn't going easy on her:) I'm glad she was able to see the affection Marcus has for E and wasn't bothered by it. I would love it if Marcus would give her some of the details of his time with E:) Although that may be against some Dom code or something:) I can't wait for more. I'm hoping for lots of processing- I think I'm becoming addicted to it- I need to know they're both still okay with everything. I hope Marcus has what E and I have one day. He seems like he deserves it.

    1. It would/will be nice when Marcus can interact with I on more equal footing. You'll get the answer to your question next weekend.

      I agree, Edward did NOT go easy, and if you'll remember, she has asked him (begged him, really) NOT to go soft. He asked HER several times if she was ready for something intense. No way Marcus would divulge anything to Bella that E wouldn't share himself. As for processing, I love it, too. But if these two are going to continue to play 3 nights a week (one being overnight), there's not much time for processing AND vanilla. Hmmm.

      I so love what you wished for Marcus. I've thought about that, too. x

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    1. Lila, I don't think she'll 'get over' her hard limit, nor would Master want her to. The important thing is that they're on the same page here. Master is not sharing. ;)

  18. Born:
    The first story I read every Saturday morning is KEA. I gotta admit, this was an extremely difficult chapter for me to read. I read it this AM, and then just could not formulate my thoughts on this chapter. I just re-read this chapter, and then once again, I had difficulty. So now that I have read it again, I am still attempting to put my finger on why I found this uncomfortable. Isabella seemed to be doing so well, even with the two of them speaking about her as if she weren't in the room. But, I guess this is where the objectifying comes in. I think where I began to lose it was when Sir corrected her for not being speciifc enough when describing to Marcus her state of arousal. Instead of using the descriptive words she would have used if she and Edward had been alone, she reverted to euphemisms that once again would be used in "proper society". Again, I think this is where she is struggling with fully embracing the role of a submissive. However, Edward's correction I believe at this point sent the scene spiralling out of control for Isabella. I think I was almost as rattled as Isabella. LOL So now that Isabella had boarded that "crazy train", I don't think she at that point could pull it back. There was no way she was going to keep it together to request a trip to the bathroom. Again, Edward's correction for her reversion to the use of euphemisms for a bathroom break really should have come as no surprise. Now with all that going on, and Edward honoring Marcus' request to accompany Isabella to the Ladies Room, I most definitely see where she would shut down. It's a good thing that Edward had enough wherewithall to guide her to safewording, cause I think she might have just lost it. It was almost as if she was in subspace; however, not in a state of euphoria but to begin ruminating in her head. Really being new to this lifestyle, and being in a true scene with two Doms, I could truly understand. She misread Edward's intention, and obviously became terrified that Edward had agreed to allow another Dom to use her. I was almost pissed off at Edward (and that almost constitues original sin), but thankfully he read the signs accurately and put a halt to the scene, and I am most thankful that he did not try to invade her space. It's just me, but maybe for a first scene in public, with another Dom present, it might have been just a little too intense. There was really no way that Isabella could have known that Marcus was trying to teach Isabella with regard to redeeming herself to her Dom, so I can definitely see where she would have misread both Marcus' and Edward's intentions. Yeah I guess those two need to open up the lines of communication a little more.

    I was ever so glad that Edward and Marcus were able to salvage the evening; and now I am truly looking forward to the conversation these two will have after the weekend. Cause ya know, the weekend is just beginning. I certainly hope the rest of the weekend is smoother sailing--I don't think I can ride that emotional rollercoaster again. My legs are still wobbling, and my stomache is still rolling. LOL

    See ya next weekend.

    1. Claudia, thank you for such a thoughtful and insightful review. I agree with you that B lost her way, and had trouble coming back. Those euphemisms were her way of disengaging, but she said she was green, so that's just not okay. Master tried to get her back on track, and I think maybe he was a bit surprised, too, that she was out of sorts. I think he underestimated the intimidation factor. Before you get pissed off at Master, please try to remember that she does not want him "going soft" on her (ick, perish the thought) and he did check in with her before going "there". Bella didn't have to know anything about either man's intentions. That's not her job in the scene. Sorry for your wobbles, but please don't forget, their issue has been resolved. Remember that sweet kiss at the bathroom door? Yeah. Thanks for engaging and re-engaging with the chapter. I so appreciate you giving it the mental energy! xx

    2. Yeah, I can totally understand. I did forget that Isabella indicated that she was "Green", and I do think that you are correct (well, obviously you would be correct, afterall you are the author of this story) it might have been the intimidation factor came in to play. I also realize that along the way Isabella forgot that she needs to trust Edward wholeheartedly. This situation harkens back to the chapter when the two went to Montauk for New Year's Eve for the collaring ceremony, and Isabella freaked out (I don't completely remember what rattled her then), and Edward left her to finish dressing, which thereby provided her some much needed space by going to the hotel lobby. Even after her mini meltdowns, Edward always manages to get her back on track. First and foremost Isabella's mantra need to be remember just how much Edward/Dark Prince care for her; and she needs to keep reminding herself that these two always have her safety and well-being at the forefront. JC, I keeps this up, and my review and responses will be almost as long as the chapter.

    3. Edward is the experienced one here, AND he's the MASTER, so it is appropriate for him to bring her back. She'll wander from time to time, and he might even make a mistake or two *GASP!* but what counts is if/how they come back together. Thanks for your thoughts! xx

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    1. I'm quite sure they will. ;) I have lots of thoughts on all of that. Thx for the additional comments.

  20. Thanks! I really liked Marcus, I picture his as a Christian Bale type. I am sad that Bella didn't safeword on her own. But, I am glad he picked up on it. I can't wait for more ;)

    1. I agree, flyr. She just doesn't quite get when it's right to safe word, does she? Luckily, her Master is ever vigilant.

  21. I was just reading through the responses to this chapter, and I'm kinda surprised at the way some people saw Marcus. It's interesting to try viewing this through the eyes of others:) I kind of felt like he reigned Edward in a bit when Isabella was under the table and even joked about Edward's lack of control. Isabella seemed comfortable with placing the napkin in Marcus' lap and that felt pretty intimate so I was surprised that others felt he was creepy or she was uncomfortable. I even thought his offer to take Isabella to the bathroom was kind until Isabella freaked:)

    I was kind of surprised that Isabella went so far as to think Master would ever share her, but everything had been really intense and she was upset for disappointing Master, and she seemed pretty shaken that he denied her the bathroom break so I guess that's a lot for a girl to handle. She didn't safe word, but she also didn't just follow Marcus thinking he was allowed to touch her. Edward said he saw hurt and anger in her eyes. That's where I felt like she held her own. She didn't totally crumble. She was angry until they cleared it up. I love the way they were able to talk through things and continue on with the scene. Isabella even felt confident enough to prompt Master to get the details of what Marcus had planned for their bathroom trip.

    Anyway:) I'm hoping for more Marcus in the future, but I love reading what everyone else has to say. Very interesting:)

    1. I think you're right on with the 'alot for a girl to handle' thought. Though she's also "not a crumbler" she was confused and hurt, definitely a situation Master needed to halt and fix. PHEW...luckily he did.

      Marcus will be back...

  22. The chapter was pretty good. I thought Bella performed well in a situation as intense as this one was. I liked Marcus for the most part, I didn't really see him as creepy. Edward didn't seem like Edward though and maybe that's because Marcus was there, i don't know, can't really put my finger on it. I'm glad to see everything seemed okay in the end.

    1. pretty good...for the most

      I think you've got something there with the Edward not seeming like Edward. There's going to be a wild card in every interaction, especially when a third party is tossed in for extra confusion and intensity.


  23. I thought it was a pretty good chapter all in all. Marcus was okay to me, but I think I'm really confused as to why Isabella needs a mentor. Not sure I remember why there is a need. You said that Isabella is not perfect and that she'll make mistakes, but she hasn't really made many to this point and that seems a little unrealistic, in fact she's almost been too perfect.

    Where my disappointment came in, was with Edward. It was my impression that Isabella had been doing so well throughout the entire evening, up until the bathroom thing. Edward almost seemed venomous in his reaction to her infraction, almost like shit Isabella can't you do anything right? Of course he never said anything to this effect, but your description of the way he was looking at her, the disappointment, over something that really was not nearly as horrible as all of the other things that could have gone wrong that night. I mean he basically ordered her to suck his dick under the table, in public, and she didn't balk, nor did she when she used the eating utensil to demonstrate her "eagerness", lol! It just seemed, to me, like he overreacted, in turn causing her to overreact.

    But I guess it could be looked at differently as well, it didn't appear that Isabella trusted her Master enough, either that or she completely forgot what he told her at the beginning of the evening, which I suppose is somewhat understandable, considering the amount of stress she was proabably feeling.

    Anyway, thank you for posting.

    1. another pretty good...are you related to that anonymous up there^^ by chance? ;)

      I think rather than list out why I feel B would do great with a mentor, I'll hold onto those thoughts. You are more than welcome to send me a PM and I'll chat it out with you...just don't want to spill my entire plot here!

      I think you're on the right track about why E was upset with her infraction. She DID do those "harder" things (or were they?), so what does it show him that the asking for the toilet was tough?

      I agree with you about the stress as well. Anyone who thinks this is easy has probably never tried putting herself in Isabella's boots. There will be slip-ups on both ends (even Masters aren't perfect, much as we would like them to be) but luckily, Mastered handled things swiftly and appropriately. There was no punishment and she was allowed to pee after all (YAY!)

      Thank you for sharing your insights. I love hearing from readers.

    2. Thank you for your answers. I guess I will just have to see how it plays out. I would PM you but I don't have a FF account, I guess I should probably get one.

      LOL! No, I'm not related to Anon above nor the one below, but I do agree with much of what Anon below said, in particular, Bella's reluctance to safeword and that I'm really, really ready for some Edward and Bella time. ;)

  24. Wow...I really have my ups and downs with this chapter. it was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! I love how Marcus showed his affection with Bella and made her feel welcomed, but I was at odds with the way that he would talk with Edward..I can't even explain it correctly! My nerves made me crazy when he asked Bella to go down on him at the restaurant...I was shocked! I also feel that Bella doesn't trust the fact that Edward won't share her?

    1. Hey Pink! Yeah, this one was a little bit twisty, huh? Marcus was playing a bit of good cop AND bad cop here, making E have to respond as well. I admit the under-the-table blowjob was a bit outrageous, but she was completely covered and she certainly didn't seem to have a problem with it.

      She does seem a bit unsure of his intentions, still. But hopefully with his continued reassurances, she'll get the message loud and clear.

      Thanks for sharing your shakiness and your insights. Much appreciated.

  25. Wow...I think I need mental aftercare. I feel like my mind was yanked in so many uncomfortable directions during this chapter.
    I loved the cleverness of using "radish" as the safeword, because afterall a radish is reddish. I also got a kick out of their drinks. Of course Edward would order a dirty martini for his dirty girl, but I got more of a kick from him telling older, graying Marcus that he wanted a Grey Goose, straight up with a twist. I'll just bet graying Marcus would have been more than willing to give it to Edward...straight up, with a twist. lol
    The fact that Marcus didn't speak directly to Bella further objectified her. She was truly Master's toy, there for show and tell. And she did quite a bit of showing and telling. I thought she handled herself well with their demands: being forced to tell Marcus about her experiences with her Master, the demonstration of how eager she was, and the under the table bj were all rather outrageous and titilating and were perhaps easy for other diners to miss. Hopefully.
    Some of the banter between Master and Master's Master disturbed me. I guess it's part of the humiliation aspect, but the repeated dropping of napkins and utensils seemed childish and belittling. Edward apologizing to the the server, saying Bella was quite clumsy, just seems so...I don't know, disrespectful? But maybe that's what a Dom wants of his sub--being at Master's beck and call, no matter how ridiculous. And she wants the humiliation, so I guess they both get what they want. I have no experience in this kind of lifestyle but I think I would feel that I was just the constant butt of jokes. But mayube that just gets her in the headspace he wants her to be in--rattled and shocked--as she tries to maintain.
    I thought Edward went a little haywire during the evening. I know he had said it would be intense, but some of his reactions just seemed over the top, especially with a sub who hasn't had much experience with the public aspect, and this was her first time being up close and personal with a second Dom. I felt Edward was trying so hard to impress his former Dom with his sub that some of his reactions were surprising, and not in a good way.
    Bella was baffled when Marcus offered to take her to the restroom. She could see on Master's face that they hadn't discussed that previously. The unspoken conversation that passed between Edward and Marcus further confused her and she jumped to conclusions when Edward turned her over to Marcus. I had some concerns at the beginning when Edward told her "Marcus has agreed to my guidelines." I wanted him to say "Marcus has promised to follow my guidelines." Maybe Bella thought the agreement might change? I don't know.
    But Edward's clenched teeth, reddening face, and the way he gritted out her name just didn't seem like him to me, nor to her. He seemed to be losing it, unhappy that his show and tell wasn't going as smoothly as he'd hoped, rather than being upset that she wasn't trusting him?
    I'm just glad he saw how upset she was becoming and "radished" for her. When is she going to learn that she has to assume that responsibility for herself?
    I'm looking forward to how they process all this and I'm wondering if there are punishments coming princess' way? There were so many things she did right for this first time looking down the double-barrelled Dom gun.
    I think I need some Edward and Bella time soon. Or some mental aftercare, whichever. Thanks for all your hard work. I think it's safe to say you put our heads in the same place Bella's went. I was ready to radish myself.

    1. Anon- I want to thank you for leaving such a thoughtful review. I realize the chapter was difficult on many levels, and I really appreciate your engaging. You wrote "but maybe that's what a Dom wants of his sub--being at Master's beck and call, no matter how ridiculous. And she wants the humiliation, so I guess they both get what they want." And basically, there it is in a nutshell.

      "I felt Edward was trying so hard to impress his former Dom with his sub that some of his reactions were surprising, and not in a good way."- His reactions were also surprising to Bella, also not in a good way, and that will be one of the things they hash out in Saturday's post. I don't see a difference between an agreement and a promise. Marcus knew what Edward needed from him, and he did it. Bella doesn't get to second guess master. If she's having a crisis of trust, she needs to safe word and they need to figure out why she doesn't trust him.

      Every point you make is valid- his responses, her failure to safe word, and all will be discussed. I appreciate your putting yourself in her head space, not always an easy place to be. There's more to it than the slap and tickle, and sometimes, she's not real sure it's what she's signed on for. OR is it?

      See you in a couple short days.

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    1. L-
      Thank you so much for engaging with this difficult chapter. Rather than lay out the answers here and make you bored during the next one, I'll ask you to please trust that your comments are addressed in the next one!

      You make some great observations here, especially the last comment about pushing boundaries. Thanks, as always, for your support.

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    Oh Marcus, sweet old man with his Edward crush. I swear that boy taunts him too.
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    1. HA! E taunts EVERYONE! Even poor Jasper is not immune! What are you gonna do? *smh* Yes, to the convo about safe words. I totally agree.

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    1. Yes, I totally agree. Edward and Marcus could never scene with Bella for real, especially if she ends up having Marcus as a mentor. Too much mental kinkery even for that one! That doesn't rule out looking into Edward's past, when Marcus was looking over his shoulder, as he got his start as a budding dom, however. Nom nom nom. Totally with you about the safe word...I'm on it. xx

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    xxx, enamoramiento

    1. E- that is really not what I was going for there. I don't think I've ever tried to write E so you wouldn't like him! Discomfort is fine, good even.

      Marcus certainly holds some affection for E, but it's all good. I wouldn't say he sits home every night pining for him. But then, wouldn't it be interesting to see what M DOES do at night??

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    1. I did, yes, but she's long gone from my life, sadly. She still deserved credit for helping me shape this scene. I've had some help from "real life doms" on and off, and always remain open to advice from those in the lifestyle.

      I agree, they were all quite successful in this scene, and I think they all have loads more to teach each other. :)

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.

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