Friday, August 17, 2012


~Chapter 74~

Are you ready, princess?

My phone feels like a live grenade in my hand. Master is waiting for my answer, and I know he won’t be kept waiting very long without dire consequences.

May I have ten minutes please, Master? I type back with shaky fingers.

8:42. Naked. Bring your bracelet over to the computer and log onto Skype.

“See you all back here for breakfast at 7:30. Roger, don’t forget your laptop tomorrow.”

“Very funny. As if I’d ever leave it behind again?”

“’Night everyone.”

I bolt as they chorus their responses, my mind already flying. I run a brush through my hair and manage to arrange myself at the desk just in time to manage the few clicks required to log on to Skype. I see my face reflected on the screen but Master’s box has no video feed.

“Are you ready, princess?” His voice startles me.

“Yes, Master, but I can’t see you.”

“I know. Tonight, I’m watching you, and the first thing I’d like to see is you putting on my bracelet.”

I’m jolted by the idea of this one-way looking glass. In a strange way, it’s almost like wearing the blindfold again. I can see everything but Master. I fasten the bracelet and his voice comes through the speakers, “Sit up straight, Isabella.”

Crap. I glance down to my own image in the corner of my screen and confirm I am indeed slouching, a situation I quickly remedy. “Sorry, Master.”

My phone bleeps and there’s another text with a website, which I dutifully type into my computer browser. My stomach leaps to my throat as a chat room dialogue opens on my screen. Master has brought me to another of those forbidden zones I’ve always been curious about, but prohibited myself from exploring out of fear of being discovered somehow by The Great Wizard Of IP Addresses In The Moral Sky. But if I’m honest, I have to admit to an equally powerful fear- what happens if I slide down the rabbit hole and don’t want to resurface? Or I do, somehow, claw my way back to “real life” only to discover the Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit has followed me?

Obeying Master is becoming a reflex, but years of self-censorship and repression require me to consciously affirm my faith: I trust Master, he wouldn’t risk exposing me, he knows what he’s doing. Three deep breaths later, I receive further instructions.

Screen Name: princess
Password: boggle12511

“Follow me into the BDSM room,” Master instructs. Once I click on the link, I find DarkPrince waiting for me on the right side of the screen.

And we’re far from alone in here.

“See that space at the bottom of the screen? That’s where we can private message each other. You’ll hear a ping if I call you. Click there and we’ll be alone. Understand?”

My heart pounds and my palms are sweaty, but I feel comforted that I have a means of speaking with him privately.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. When I check in with you to see where you are, answer me immediately. If you need me, click on me and we can chat. Whatever you do, Isabella, do NOT click on any other screen names down there. I do not want you private chatting with anyone but me. I will manage everything that happens inside the room. Got it?”

“But what if there are other doms in the room?”

“You only have one Master to serve, Isabella.”

Only, I mouth silently.

“I saw that,” Master chastises breezily.

Crap. The one-way video feed has me flummoxed. My eyes flick up to the tiny dark circle where I know the camera is housed. “Sorry, Master,” I say remorsefully.

“That’s okay, princess. I know I am more than enough for you.”

“That you are, Master.”

“Back to your question,” his disembodied voice explains, “you are never to respond to commands from anyone else unless I have specifically ordered you to do so. Any dom worth his salt knows how it works. If they want to stay and play within my authority, I’ll decide if and how you are to respond to others, and I will make it crystal clear to you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

I don’t have the first clue how this works, but Master knows this, so I wait as patiently as I possibly can for more direction. Meanwhile, my eyes shift to the other names on the list, colorful characters such as horniguy and the gender-neutral iliketowatch.

My head is spinning with the novelty and infinite possibilities of this new Wonderland. I’m already beyond intrigued and my body hums with anticipation and a bit of terror. Leave it to Master to find a way to engage my mind so fully with his while we can’t be together physically.

“When you type into the main area, it shows up in the chat room. Go ahead and type in, ‘May I serve you, Dark Prince?’”

That gets her motor started. Isabella looks edgy, but definitely excited. Her message pops up on the screen:

princess >  DarkPrince: May I serve you, Dark Prince?

DarkPrince >  princess:  You may.

“The only other thing you need to know is to use asterisks to indicate action. Watch this.”

DarkPrince >  princess:  *motions princess to kneel*

She immediately responds on screen:

princess: *kneels at the feet of the DarkPrince*

“Beautifully done, princess. Here we go now; I won’t be speaking again until the scene in here is over. Any last minute questions?”

“Yes, please. Am I supposed to actually do these things, you know, like kneeling?”

Right, I’m watching her and she knows it.

“Great question. Not yet. For now, let’s just get you used to the feel of the chat room. Make sure I have a nice view of your tits, and I’ll let you know if things change.”

Her eyes flick to the tiny camera and she’s blushing from forehead to chest. Perfect. And delightful to watch, for sure. But that’s not my main reason for keeping an eye on her while we play.

This is the first time we’ve attempted long distance play, and I have a healthy respect for all the things that can go wrong in a public scene. Other people are wild cards—granted, that’s part of what makes the whole thing exciting—but I won’t risk Isabella’s welfare on a roomful of horny strangers who may not know or choose to follow the rules of engagement.

By the same token, there’s something fresh and exciting about a public scene with like-minded parties who are actually invited to observe and participate, albeit virtually, to the extent I allow them. This isn’t the random server in a restaurant who’s brought unwittingly into our orbit; these people have chosen to be here because it floats their boat, too.

Many are doms or dom-wannabes, who come here to find a steady stream of willing partners craving their authority. Men and women who might lack confidence or might not have the opportunity to strike out and dominate a partner in person—for whatever reason—can often hook up for a scene or longer, if the online chemistry is right. I’ve watched some truly gifted doms in these rooms; masters not only with their words but at tapping into deeply-buried desires of total strangers who have given nothing away about their personalities beyond choosing a pen name. I’ve observed masters who are genius at concocting the exact formula of harsh and tender to enthrall the submissive. And I’ve admired masters who are so chameleon-like, they can command an entire roomful of submissives at once, keeping each spinning on a separate string, breathless to serve.

Most visitors to this room are submissives by nature, whether they’re living the lifestyle or just dreaming they could. Some have already taken an enormous risk just by entering the chat room, and they’re content to sit along the sidelines and watch while the more daring souls bring their fantasies to life. Others will jump in with both feet, finding the anonymity so liberating it allows them to explore without fear of physical pain or discovery.

What many on both sides of the equation often fail to fully appreciate is the enormous danger present on a psychological level in these virtual relationships. We’re all vulnerable in this place where letting down one’s guard is essential to authenticity. I’m happy to titillate others, but my priority is obviously my submissive.

As it does each time I introduce Isabella to a new facet of the lifestyle, her excitement electrifies me. Everything is fresh and new and unknowable. For a self-proclaimed control freak, it shakes me to acknowledge my need for the uncertain. I wonder about Isabella’s Dark Prince: does she always know what he’ll say and do before she writes a scene? Does he dictate the writing as he dictates the princess’s behavior? Does the author ever get to the end of a chapter and shake her head in amazement, wondering, How on Earth did that happen?

Questions for another time. The room awaits. I arrange my fingers over the keyboard and settle into the scene. We’ve already got some observers, as the “welcome” and  *staring* from the Peanut Gallery attest.

DarkPrince:  *wiggles toes*

princess: *bends over and kisses DarkPrince’s feet*

DarkPrince >  princess:  Thank you, my sweet subbie.

subslut > DarkPrince: May I kiss ur feet too DarkPrince?

DarkPrince >  subslut:  Thank you for asking but just watch for now subslut.

DarkPrince >  princess:  *sits down on couch and taps thighs*

princess: *puts head in Master’s lap*

DarkPrince: *pulls fingers through princess’s hair*

DarkPrince >  princess:  That’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing, princess. I’d like you to take it off now.

Without hesitation, the words appear on the screen:

princess: *unties halter top, grasps red spandex at hips, tugs upward…over waist, chest, shoulders, and head, folds dress neatly and pushes out of the way*

DarkPrince >  princess:  Lovely striptease, princess. Now the bra.

princess: *blushes*

It’s true, I can see that she is most definitely blushing, and she’s drawn a deep breath. She needs a moment, but I’m confident if she has a problem, she’ll call me into the private room. Take your time, princess. Pull yourself together.

princess: *reaches back to unhook bra, looks up at DarkPrince*

What a poignant SOS. Her soft brown eyes blink into the tiny camera on her monitor, seeking my help.  

DarkPrince: *leans forward and kisses princessGood girl. Take off your bra for your Master.

princess: *unhooks bra*

fuckherharder: Come on princess. Show us what u got

princess: *eyes on DarkPrince, slides strap over right arm, catches bra with left hand, slips strap over left arm*

DarkPrince >  princess:  *nods* Hand me your bra and drop your hands to your sides.

princess: *hands bra to DarkPrince*


princess: *right hand drops to side*

pervyone: Left hand! Left hand!

princess: *left hand falls away, eyes drop to DarkPrince’s feet*

Her submissive scripting matches the fact that she’s looked down from the camera, processing the humiliation of baring herself in front of a group of strangers. What she cannot share with the Dark Prince’s (or for that matter, her Master’s) eyes just yet is given away by a deep rosy blush.

Supercock > princess: Great tits, princess.

horniguy: Now we’re talkin!!

I check Isabella’s response as she reads the comments, and she’s far from freaked out by the attention. In fact, her nipples are puckered and her eyes are bright with arousal. Let’s go, princess.

DarkPrince >  princess:  Turn toward the others and pinch your nipples.

princess: *faces other people, pinches nipples between thumb and forefinger*

fuckherharder: Fuck that is so hot!!!

iliketowatch: *moans*

Supercock > princess: Twist those nipples harder, princess!

DarkPrince > Supercock: She’s mine, Supercock. You may play but I’m in charge.

subslut > DarkPrince: Could you be in charge of ME, Sir? Pretty pretty please with a nipple on top?

DarkPrince >  subslut:  *smiles* Not tonight, subslut.

<Supercock has left room>

Fine by me. We’ve got at least three other self-identified doms in the room, and so far they’re all watching quietly. It’s possible they’re enjoying the scene for its own sake, but more likely they’re drafting—waiting until our scene plays out and I leave them to inherit the roomful of horny submissives.

DarkPrince >  princess:  Panties next.

fuckherharder: *grins*

princess: *grasps waistband of green lace cheekies*

Isabella smiles and lifts her gaze back into the camera. She’s allowing her sassy spirit to come out and play.

princess: *stands in front of DarkPrince, facing away. Bends forward, peeling panties slowly down over ass cheeks, shimmies lace over slightly spread thighs, now calves, now ankles, steps out*

DarkPrince > princess: *swats naughty subbie for teasing Master, smoothes palm over pinked up ass cheek*

fuckherharder: *watches with glee*

pleasesiriwantsomemore > DarkPrince: Again!

horniguy > DarkPrince: Fuck yes, again!

DarkPrince > princess: Hear that, princess? They want me to spank you again. I think I better give you a chance to go win over the crowd or this might be a long night for your sweet ass. Crawl across the soft Oriental rug and say hello to our new friends.

I’ve given everyone the visual to keep her safe. We’re here, they’re on the other side of the room. The two will only come together at my command.

princess > horniguy*drops onto all fours, crawls across room to horniguy* Hello.

horniguy >  princess:  Hey sexy. Your crawling is making me sofa king hot.

princess > subslut:  *crawls over to subslut* Hello, subslut.

subslut >  princess:  hi *lucky bitch*

I watch with great satisfaction as the characters fall into their roles, Isabella greeting each one down the line before returning to me. Time to use the virtual setting to my advantage and get my sweet subbie worked up.

DarkPrince >  princess:  Crawl over to horniguy again.

princess:  *crawls to horniguy*

horniguy >  princess:  hey sexy.

DarkPrince >  horniguy:  Run your hand over her long, brown hair, horniguy.

horniguy: *smiles and places hand on princess’ soft, silky hair*

DarkPrince > princess: How does that feel, princess?


Come on, Isabella. Say something. Do something.

Blink, blink.

Fuck, nothing. Then-

princess:  Feels nice.

If I hadn’t turned off my microphone earlier, she would’ve heard my large whoosh of relief.

DarkPrince > horniguy:  Slide your palm between her shoulder blades…now down her back…ever so slowly.

horniguy: thank you, DarkPrince. *touches princess’s back* mmmm your skin is so soffft

DarkPrince > princess: What color are we, princess?

princess:  Green

DarkPrince >  princess:  Say goodbye and thank you to horniguy.

princess >  horniguy:  Thank you for touching me, horniguy. Goodbye for now.

Damn, I can’t figure out how Isabella continues to combine modesty with an openness to exploration in a way that surprises me at every turn.

horniguy: bye, princess. *pouts*

DarkPrince > princess: Crawl over and kiss fuckherharder.

princess: *crawls to fuckherharder, kneels up, touches lips to fuckherharder*

fuckherharder > princess: *kisses back* Thanks for the kiss.

DarkPrince > princess: Nice. Let’s see some tongue this time.

princess: *kisses fuckherharder. Opens mouth*

fuckherharder: *twists tongue around princess’s tongue, slides around*


princess: YELLOW

DarkPrince:  Thank you for telling me.

DarkPrince > princess: That’s enough! Stop kissing and crawl back to me. Don’t forget to thank fuckherharder.

We’ve been at this for an hour now. It amazes me how much patience, and frankly, how much free time, all these people have. Master has built the scene slowly, impressively taking command of the room without so much as a care about what happened before we arrived. A few people have left the room since we started, but a crowd has gathered in their place. A whopping thirty-two people are watching us and commenting, a few getting in on the action whenever Master chooses.

My nerves have eased significantly, and it occurs to me that Master most likely chose the role play scene at home to prepare me for this chat. Not only that, but by using the blindfold on me while he was there to reassure me, Master laid the groundwork for this physical separation.

Perhaps what I love most about this latest of Master’s games is that I’m stretched over his lap, the virtual denim biting into my bare skin in a way I might not tolerate well if it were really happening. But the fantasy aspect of the chat is most definitely working for me, and my masochistic tendencies are having a field day. The more deeply Master engages the crowd in my humiliation, the rougher he plays, the more turned on I become. My virtual self is a pain slut, I realize, trying not to judge her harshly.

DarkPrince > princess: Choose your next card, princess.

princess: I choose iliketowatch.

DarkPrince > iliketowatch: Reveal your card.

iliketowatch: *turns over eight of hearts* Sorry, princess. *shrugs*

Considering iliketowatch could’ve invented any card except the few already played, I’m pretty sure she’s not the least bit sorry, but frankly, neither am I.

DarkPrince > princess: *dark chuckle* Oh princess, that wasn’t a very good choice. Eight swats with Master’s crop! And you just turned over a red card right before this too. Your poor sweet ass. *tsk tsks*

iliketowatch: *snickers*

DarkPrince > princess: *draws hair to one side and grips princess’s upper back* Thank iliketowatch and keep your eyes on her while I crop you.

princess > iliketowatch: Thank you.

DarkPrince: *slices crop through the air and swats princess*

iliketowatch: One. *smirks*


DarkPrince: *swats opposite cheek*

iliketowatch: Two

DarkPrince: *swish, smack, swat*

iliketowatch: Three, four, five *fingers self*

Lucky bitch!

subslut: *rubs thighs together*

Fucking hell! Everyone’s getting off but me!

DarkPrince: *whack, whack, WHACK* [rough]

princess: *squirms and groans*

iliketowatch: Six, seven, eight! *two fingers inside*

princess: > DarkPrince: Youch! Thank you, DarkPrince.

DarkPrince > princess: You’re welcome, but you better hope you find a black card this time, princess. I don’t think this sweet ass is going to be able to take much more abuse. *pinches cheek harshly*

Neither do I, Master. I’m so close to combusting right now, I think even an imaginary touch is going to set me off.

princess: *squirms*

Dare I? I’d never be so bold in a scene with Master, but Merry Mills has empowered me to be a bit bolder in role play.

princess: *spreads thighs apart and lifts ass*

I can always count on my Dark Prince not to miss a beat.

DarkPrince > princessNaughty, naughty princess. *grasps thighs and holds princess open*

DarkPrince: [to group] Who wants to mete out the princess’s consequences?

Holy shit. He’s delegating my punishment to a stranger. Fifteen responses tumble in, everything from “Me” to “Please please please” to the one that obviously catches Master’s eye.

Youwillobey > DarkPrinceIf I may.

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: Be my guest.

Day-um! Master’s given me over to another dom, or maybe it’s a domme, but in my mind it’s a tightly-contained, bare-chested, muscle-bound man, dressed in tight black leather pants. Master barters with the man as if he’s tossing him the keys to his prize Ferrari. Apparently, his Ferrari has an oil leak because I am suddenly drenched with my own arousal and I can barely sit still on my chair. The feeling of being watched is suddenly overpowering, and I fix my posture and fasten a stoic expression on my face.

Youwillobey > DarkPrinceWould three on each side be acceptable to you?

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: *nods* Exactly what I was thinking.

Youwillobey > DarkPrince*crosses rug, flexes fingers* What a sweet ass she has, DarkPrince. I can see why you so love to crop it. May I use my bare hands instead?

DarkPrince > princess: Color?

princess > DarkPrinceGreeeeeeen

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: As you wish.

Youwillobey > DarkPrince*thoroughly inspects the target and grins* You’ll hold her open for me?

“Nnnnnhhh,” I moan out loud, then gasp and cover my mouth when I realize my slip. Not that I’ve been forbidden from talking or anything, just humiliating to be caught in the act. Luckily, only Master can hear me.

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: Yes, I’ll hold her spread wide for you, exactly how she likes it, don’t you, princess?

Gulp. I’m swirling in the blend of what’s taking place in the public realm and what’s only happening in private between the two of us. Master protects me and offers me out at the same time. I feel deliciously held in the palm of his hand while being wildly turned on by the prospect of a stranger’s virtual touch.

princess > DarkPrinceYes. Always open and eager for you, Master.

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: Just one caveat, Youwillobey. Stick to this part. *traces around ass cheeks* The rest of her is only for me. *rubs princess harshly between her legs and makes a show of licking slick fingers*

Youwillobey > DarkPrinceAgreed. Shall I get on with the punishment then?

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: Please do.

Youwillobey: *spanks right side three times, squeezing cheek roughly after the last blow*

princess > YouwillobeyThank you, Sir.

Youwillobey > DarkPrince*nods respectfully* You’ve taught her well.

I gush with pride as I also gush with intensified desire. The visual of these two commanding men—my Master and the dark stranger—staring into my private parts together is making me woozy with lust.

Youwillobey: *spanks harder on left cheek- once, twice, thrice*

princess > YouwillobeyThank you again, Sir.

DarkPrince > Youwillobey: Thank you for your assistance.

Youwillobey > DarkPrince: Any time. *crosses room*

DarkPrince > princess: Down, girl. *releases legs and pulls princess flat across jeans* Ready to continue the game?

princess > DarkPrinceAbsolutely.

DarkPrince > princess: Choose wisely. Only two cards left, the king of diamonds and the ten of clubs. Ten strokes of the crop or ten strokes with your Master’s finger. Who’s your pick?

princess: horniguy, please reveal your card for my DarkPrince.

horniguy > princess*winks* You’re in luck! It’s the ten of clubs!

DarkPrince > princess:  *shakes head* I’m not sure if that was a good pick or a bad pick. Ask the group if you’re allowed to come this time while you get your ten strokes. You remember how you almost blew it on the seven of spades? *raises eyebrow*

princess*begs* Everyone, may I PLEASE come???

Master tallies the votes while I weigh in with a stream of pleading comments—eyelash batting, ‘pretty  please with sugar on top’, promises to be their best friend, and the most effective, offers to select them first when Master allows audience participation. Clearly there’s a thin line between masochism and sadism as the votes are alarmingly close, with the YES votes edging out NO’s by the narrowest possible margin.

DarkPrince > princessWell, well, well, princess. Looks like you’re going to get your happy ending tonight. Flip over and thank everyone.

princess: *rolls onto back on DarkPrince’s lap* Thank you, everyone. *epic smiles*


I meet Master in the private room.

DarkPrince: When I start fingering you, I want you to touch yourself.

With great pleasure.

princess: Yes, Master.

DarkPrince: Be my hands. If I type it, you do it. When I command you to come on screen, I want you to come loud and hard in your room. You haven’t forgotten I’m watching and listening, have you, princess?

princess: No, Master. Of course not.

DarkPrince: You are excused from typing until afterwards.

princess: Yes, Master. Thank you so much.

DarkPrince: I want you to stand up and aim the camera at your pussy so I can watch you twitch and spasm for me. I’ll wait.

Holy freaking hell. I might just have one of those spontaneous orgasms right this second.

With shaky hands, I unplug the laptop and set it on the chair I’ve just vacated. Standing in front of the computer, I adjust the lid until the screen fills with the image Master demanded. Apparently satisfied, he leads me back to the main room and I watch and wait, my fingers eager to do Master’s bidding.

I stripped off my boxers during the epic vote, knowing no matter which way the extras voted for my submissive, there’s no question I’m getting my rocks off. This raging hard-on has been patient long enough. Damn, I wish I had my voice-to-text converter so I could just speak the commands without using my hands, and seeing her pussy fill my screen doesn’t exactly help the situation.

This is no longer about just the two of us. We have an audience who have been playing here for a good ninety minutes, and that’s deserving of a satisfying climax. Besides, if they enjoy tonight’s show, they’ll be back in full force next time we come to play, and by the looks of that glistening pussy, my girl likes to be watched—cyberly speaking, at least.

DarkPrince > horniguy: Count it down for me, horniguy. Ten strokes until blastoff. *Slides finger inside princess, pumps finger in and out, in and out*

horniguy: Ten.

While I indulge my penis with a good long stroke here, I reflect on the awesomeness of this moment. I have command of an entire roomful of voyeurs, half of whom are chatting about masturbating to our scene, while I can almost guarantee the other half are just doing it.

Meanwhile, my sweet submissive’s genitalia is splayed across my 27” monitor, a glorious animated version of whatever falls off my fingertips onto the keyboard. I write it, she does it. I’m a twisted Geppetto, bringing my fantasy sub to life. I watch with great fascination as she pumps herself with one finger, the audio feed adding a satisfying squishing sound along with her moans of pleasure. I hope she can last.

DarkPrince: *strums clit with fingertips, back and forth, back and forth*

horniguy: Nine

DarkPrince: *two fingers inside, twist and turn, in and out*

horniguy: Eight

iliketowatch: *twists and pumps*

subslut: *back and forth, up and down*

DarkPrince: *rough tap outside pussy, tap, tap, tap*

Ahh, fuck, watching her enact this one requires an extra long pause for Master to reward himself.

horniguy: Seven

DarkPrince > princess: I hope you’re watching the countdown, princess. Don’t come early. *fingers inside, pump, pump, pump*

horniguy: Six

DarkPrince: *strums clit*

Fuck it, I’m getting lazy.

horniguy: Five

DarkPrince: *PUMP IT HARDER*

Woops, caps lock. Whatever. Isabella takes the command to heart and I watch in awe as she slams her fingers in and out in living color. I’m enthralled to the point of forgetting my keyboard until her loud panting snaps me out of my mutual masturbation moment to type the next command. This scene is not about denial or even deferring her pleasure. I want us to peak together.

horniguy: Four

fuckherharder: *TUG TUG TUG*

subslut: *panties just combusted*

DarkPrince: *spreads open lips, rubs with other hand*

My eyes are glued to the screen.

horniguy: Three

DarkPrince: Getting close, princess. *faster, faster, faster*

Her on-screen moans get louder and all I can manage is a copy and paste job for the next two, unable to tear my eyes from her pussy or my hands from my cock long enough to create anything original.

DarkPrince: I hope you’re ready, princess. Come on, everyone. Time to tell the princess to come.

horniguy: POP IT, princess!

pervy1: Cummmm!

Tarzan: Come!

subslut: Tweak that bean!

Iliketowatch: comecomecome!!!

Youwillobey: Let go, princess!

fuckherharder: Now! Do it! Come!

DarkPrince > princess: Show me that pussy. Now rub that little clit good and hard. Don’t stop! Let me hear you, princess! Louder, louder. Moan for me. Rub it harder! Come for your Master!

Fuck, I’m close! The right third of my screen lights up like the Fourth of July sky as random exclamations of pleasure scroll down the page, but my eyes are glued on the quivering flesh taking up the rest of the picture. I frantically reach out to my speaker and twist the volume so her low growls fill my ears like the soundtrack to a porn flick. She spreads herself open and glistens and spasms and displays every ounce of pleasure. She squeals and screeches and thanks me repeatedly.

In my mind’s eye, I add in the sensations that have been denied by distance- touch, smell and taste. I brush my palm over her hairy pussy and circle my thumb over her wrinkly nub. I swoop in with my tongue and lap up her sweet juices, and while I’m there, I breathe in the musky scent of her release as I pulse and shudder to my own completion.

Her body stills and her hand falls away, and I need to see her.


DarkPrince: Go back over to the desk and show me your face.

princess: Yes, Master.

There’s an awkward shuffle where I’m treated briefly to a close-up of her tits bouncing and then I see her smile.

DarkPrince: Hello, beautiful.

princess: Hello, Master.

DarkPrince: We need to say goodbye to our friends now. Follow me back in.

DarkPrince: [to group] Thank you, everyone. The princess and I are heading out. See you again.

princess: [to group] Thank you all for a wonderful evening.

DarkPrince > princess: Sign off, princess.

<princess has left room>

Master’s post-orgasmic face pops up onto my screen, replacing the dark square that has held his place throughout our Skype session.

“Hello, Master,” I greet him, watching my own smile appear along with his.

“Hello, princess. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, Master. Did you?” A bit forward of me, but his bright smile is positively irresistible.

“You bet I did. You were fantastic in there, Isabella. I’m so proud of you.”

Nothing could please me more than hearing those simple words from him. “Thank you, Master,” I answer in a hushed tone.

“I love you, my sweet Isabella. Please take off your bracelet.”

I do as he’s asked. “I love you, too, Edward.”

I slide forward, chin settled on my crossed arms. “I suppose you’re going to want to talk now?”


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