Saturday, January 18, 2014


Summary: A true "dom's dom," Marcus has the admiration of the BDSM community, having become the go-to "submissive whisperer," trainer of the most challenging submissives and healer of the broken. We first met Marcus in "Kinkily Ever After" when Edward flashed back on his training sessions under Marcus's strict yet nurturing hand. We saw the friendship between the two men deepen while Marcus taught Edward not just the ropes (and whips and chains) but also the compassionate, nurturing side of being a true dominant. We suffered silently along with the older man as he loved Edward in ways that could not be reciprocated. Now, finally, Marcus has a chance to try for his own KEA with an exquisite young submissive who comes to him not through another master, but at the wedding of the couple he mentors, none other than Edward and Isabella Cullen.

Banner by Betti Gefecht